Importance of Positive Self Esteem for Recovery

Along with a dependency upon drugs and/or alcohol I also experience very poor self esteem in those who come to treatment or for counseling. Poor self esteem is one of the major problems that most if not all addicts have to deal with. It is part of an addicts depression. I have found that the belief of “not being good enough” is present in all addicts. If this problem is not openly and directly changed much of what the person has done with his life will be duplicated. I believe that our life is lived from one central source, the view that we have about ourselves, our self image. If that self image is not positive but rather a negative one then the individual’s life will be the same, negative in nature. Once a person starts to change his or her self image and to the point of thinking positively about oneself then their life will truly transform, deleting the need for drugs and/or alcohol.

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The Power of Therapeutic Relaxation Music

I have used music in my work for many years now. As a counselor I first used music as background music in a session. Once I started to practice hypnosis I found that music could effectively be used in trance work. As a musician I started to experiment with creating music. Therapeutic relaxation music is the result of my work, music that has a special design and one that is combined with audio tones to enhance its effect. I have found that people do better work in counseling if they are relaxed. I have also found that music can very effectively relax and be used as a therapeutic tool.

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Spirituality and Recovery

The program of recovery creates the space for one to have or develop spirituality. The means by which this is accomplished is through having one create a sense of connectedness with others and the community. In active addiction one feels alone and isolated in the world and as a result has little if any true spirituality. Through attraction to and participation in recovery, the program offers one the possibility of experiencing unity, fellowship and of being of service to others. As one begins to develop a sense of being connected to others, he or she begins to experience less isolation and more relatedness. As this sense of relatedness expands ones sense of spirituality also grows. Ones experience of spirituality is directly related to his belief in his relatedness to others, the community, nature, the universe, etc.

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