On the Edge of Language

Transformation is about altering ones state of existence or being. Part of this work is about changing your thoughts and beliefs. Part of this work is also about getting it that the language we use to communicate with others and ourselves is involved in this process too. When we communicate through langugae, words, we make distinctions where there were no distinctions before. At where we are at the moment, this experience itself can be truly transforming. However, at some point the distinctions that language makes that enables us to have breakthroughs could hinder our transformation. True Being, God if you will, or whatever word best works for you, is about unity, about no distinctions. When we start to get this, then we start to move to the edge of language, getting that our words, when spoken or written, keep the illusion of separateness alive. In moments of experiencing true unity there will be no language or words.

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Transforming Your Life Takes Commitment

Transforming your life takes commitment. Transforming your life takes commitment even when you dont want to have it. Every day I practice three affirmations, affirmations that are about transforming my life. There are times when I do not want to do them, that I start to resist the process. However, at these times when I am being resisting, I do them any way.

The first affirmation is about letting go of my past. “I joyously release the past. I am at peaceful.”

The second affirmation is about my physical well being. “My body restores itself now to its natural state of health.”

The third affirmation is about my financial state. “My income is increasiing by one thousand dollars a day.”

I practice these affirmation in the morning and then again in the evening. I also practice them throughout the day when my circumstance permits. When I say my affirmation, I practice feeling each affirmation. Directing your attention and focus to feel the affirmations will strengthen their effect in life.

Practicing my affirmations takes commitment on my part to change my life.

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Practicing Patience for those in Recovery can make a difference.

Practicing Patience is part of the Daily Homework.

Practice patience daily! Remember that you are doing the best you can. At the moment that we do anything we do the best that we can. When you know more, you will do things differently. Remember to also do this in regards to others too.

Practicing patience is about acceptance. Acceptance of yourself. It is about accepting where you are and also, where you are not. We are doing the best that we can at any moment of our life. When we act or do something we are doing the best that we are capable of at that moment. While we may want to do things differently in the future and will do so with learning, accepting that we are doing the best at any moment allows us to avoid the harm created by guilt and as a result to begin to transform our life.

Furthermore, it is very liberating and freeing to practice patience with another person. They too are doing the best that they can, at any moment. Accepting that other people are doing the best that they can at any one moment allows us to not only connect with that person as to purpose in life but enable us to give up frustration and even anger towards them. With patience we can begin to transform our life through accepting another for who they are and who they are not.

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Acknowledgement as a Source of Recovery and Transformation

Acknowledgement is part of the Daily Homework.

Acknowledge yourself and others daily. Acknowledge the miracles in your life. Pracing affirming that every moment of your life is a miracle.

Practice acknowledging yourself throughout the day. Focus on the positive things that you are doing. Focus on the positive things that you are creating for yourself and your life. What you focus on will expand and grow and become what you are up to and about.

When negative thoughts appear merely acknowledge their existence but let them go, giving them no extended time. When negative thoughts appears merely acknowledge their existence and then create a positive thought in your mind. Do not resist the negative. What we resist persists, as Jung once said.

Life is a miracle. When we start to experience the miracle of life our life will transform.

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Stay Present to My Thoughts and Thinking

The work of transformation is about the power of your thoughts. It is about altering your thoughts to experience life differently. To alter your thoughts and thinking pattern first requires that you are present to it. Present to it in the sense that you are aware of what you are thinking. Many just go through life not getting that their thinking is that which is creating their experiences. Ones thoughts and thinking pattern is the cause in the matter. I am attracting and creating experiences from my source, my thoughts and thinking pattern. My thinking is the key to the process of transformation. We create our experiences and all that is in it rather than the outside world creating us. Once we get that, that we are always creating our experiences with our thinking, we will start to life transformation. It is a process of waking up gradually to our own internal power.

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Louise Hay and Transformation

The work of Louise Hay is about transformation. In her books, “You Can Heal Your Life” and “The Power is Within You”, Louise talks about the power of our thought. We are responsible for all of our experiences and how are responsible is through our thoughts. Every thought we have is creating our experiences. Our thoughts about the past is where our pain comes from. There is only power in the present moment. Our work is to acknowledge the past and then release it, let it go and also forgive. Our work is to practice staying in the present moment, not in the past. All of our thoughts about the past and even ourselves are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed. It is my believe that the important of Louise Hays work for those in recovery is extraordinary.

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The Therapeutic Nature of Therapeutic Relaxation Music

The music that is therapeutic, that can be very effective in counseling and in personal use for stress reduction has a specific nature or structure. The music that I have developed is uniquely designed to create a very deep state of relaxation. To accomplish this I use only sustained chords. The more sustaining the chords the more of a sense of relaxation is created. The feeling of the music is one that is very slow. The music also has a very repetitious nature. That is the music that I have created utilizes short musical patterns that repeat themselves. As with the use of sustained chords, the more repetitious the music the more of a sense of relaxation is created for the one listening. In addition to the sustained chores, I also use binaural audio tones to assist the person into moving into a more relaxed state. My music uses either theta or delta binaural audio tones. The sustained chords, the repetitious nature of the musical pattern and the binaural audio tones always create a very relaxed state. The music is ideal for assisting people with reducing their stress and also for use in counseling, during individual and group counseling sessions.

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