Chapter Six – Become An Inverse Paranoid

In alignment with knowing the power of my thinking, I choose to believe that the world is plotting to do me good, not harm. This is a conscious choice on my part.

Instead of seeing each difficult or challenging event or situation as negative I am beginning to practice seeing it for what it could be, as an opportunity to create possibility in my life.

It is this positive and powerful belief or expectation that has the potential to attract into my life the things that I truly want to experience. This belief that the world is plotting to do me good that will create the space for it to happen.

As Canfield states in his book, when any socalled “bad” event happens he looks for the upside in the event. Whatever your going through now will turn out better in the future. Stay open to the good, to the opportunity or possibility in the event or situation and the sooner it will appear for you.

What we focus on or look for in like will eventually appear. If we constantly focus on the negative we will bring it into our life. If we focus on the positive happening then that will appear in like manner.

Simply stated, look for the opportunity or possibility in every situation or event, in everything. Something good will come from every experience if you look for the good.

Practice seeing every encounter you have as an opportunity or possibility to be created.

Such a practice can create the space for the practice of spirituality, for conscious contact with God. As Canfield stated in his book, “God has something better in store for me.” Such is the practice of trust and faith.

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Notes on the Big Book – The Doctor’s Opinion

Taking into consideration a person’s body or physical condition is very important when considering the nature and treatment of an alcoholic, or a drug addict. While a solution will be gotten through the spiritual plane, it is absolutely necessary for an individual’s brain to be free or clear from alcohol. A person will have a better chance of understanding the conversation of recovery if his or her brain is free from alcohol. Detoxing from alcohol is one of the initial steps for the space for recovery to be created.

After the process of detoxing from alcohol is completed, a solution can begin to be created. This solution will require that if the individual’s life is to be recreated that he or she must have their ideals “grounded in a power greater than themselves.” This power greater than themselves is God.

Part of the solution involves altruistic effort on the part of the individual, a difficult tast to say the least. Doing for others with no thought or hope of getting anything back in return is fundamental to the process of recovery.

It is important to take a look at the sober state. Sober an alcoholic feels restless, irritable and discontented. To feel normal again, that individual believes that he or she must drink. Drinking lets the alcoholic feel a sense of ease and comfort, something that was missing in the sober state.

Once an alcoholic starts to drink and the cravings develop the individual passes through the “stages of a spree, emerging remorseful, with a firm resolution not to drink again.” This process will be repeated over and over again unless the individual can have or experience what the Big Book refers to as an “entire psychic change.” If the later does not happen the individual will probably continue to drink and there will be “little hope of his recovery.”

Ultimately this psychic change can not be gotten through human power, through the efforts of another human being. In addition, change can not be created by the individual himself, through mental control. Something more is needed inorder to create that which is necessary to transform or change the alcoholic’s life. This something more is God.

While an individual is working on having or creating an “entire psychic change,” his or her drinking alcohol must stop completely. “The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence.”

It appears that there is a connection between alcoholism and depression.

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Chapter Five – Believe in Yourself

To get what you want from life you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you can do it, regardless of what it is that you want.

Believing in yourself is, as Canfield states, a choice. While we could get into a conversation that our past, how our parents parented us, had an impact on us, there is no benefit in such a conversation. To transform our life we have to take responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs, especially those we have about ourselves, about our past and self esteem. It is our choice to continue to believe and think the way that we believe and think.

Given that what you think and even say is important, you need to be present to about the words you put out into the world. For example, in believing in yourself, you have to give up saying, “I can’t.” Saying or using “I can’t” will limit you, will cut off possibility, will cut off possibility from your life. The work of watching your word is your total and complete responsibility.

Simply decide that you can or are able to do anything you want. Choose to believe that you are capable of doing what you want and begin to work towards it, take action. It is, as Canfield also states, a matter of attitude.

Having others believe in me can be of help to me, as support for example. However, it is not necessary for me to fully believe in myself. What is important is what I believe, what I believe about myself and more specifically having the belief that I can do what I want. This choice is mine.

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Chapter Four – Believe It’s Possible

Believing that something is possible is vital to achieving or creating it.

Getting what you want is about initially having something as a possibility, a possibility to have, do or be.

We get what we expect, what we expect will happen. As Canfield stated, we often achieve exactly what we anticipate.

Therefore, it is very important to always have positive expectations in your mind, to expect that what you want will happen.

Visualization is a technique to assist you in creating a positive expectation that you will have or live into.

Having someone else believe in you, that you can achieve something, can also help. Sometimes the support from another person can make the difference and help keep us on track with what it is that we want.

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Chapter Three – Decide what you want.

After I decide why I am here, what is my purpose, I must decide on what I want, what I want to be, have and do. According to Canfield, one of the reasons why people do not get what they want is that they have not decided what they want. What do I want to have show up in my life, with respect to my achievements, with my relationships, in every doman of my life.

Sometimes past programming has gotten in the way of me having what I want. At times I have pursued interests that were not mine but others, seeking approval primarily and not that which I was out to obtain or experience. In my attempt to have the approval of another I settle or sell out on what I really want to have, be or do.

I do deserve to have things in life the way that I want them to be. It is my thinking that creates the space for me to think that I must settle, thinking that there are things that I can not have from life.

Becoming present to what I truly want is important. As Canfield states, your wants are true expressions of your core values.

What also stops me at times is believing that I can not make a living at what I truly want to, have or be. Become present to what you love, love to do, have and be, and then use your imagination to think about ways to make money doing what you love. Allow your thoughts, your thought process, to uncover how you can make a living doing what you love.

To create balance in life your vision of what you want needs, in Canfield’s opinoin, take into consideration the following areas or domains of a person’s life: work and career, finances, recreation and free time, health and fitness, relationships, personal goals and contribution to the larger community.

Create your vision, what it is that you want to have, be and do. Once you decide on what it is you want and keep your mind on it constantly, the how will keep showing up.

Remember to never limit your vision or what you want. Let it be as big as you want. Believe that anything is possible.

Share your vision with another person who is positive and supportive. Simply do not let others talk you out of your vision. Stay focused on what it is you want to have, be and do.

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Chapter Two – Be Clear Why You’re Here

According to Canfield, we are born with a purpose. Knowing, acknowledging and honoring this purpose is very important to us as human beings, especially to becoming a success in life. What am I here to do? What is my life about, what is my purpose? What is my purpose for living?

Without a purpose life will be without direction. I will simply wander and drift about in life, not fully living, achieving little if anything of any true value or meaning. I will limit my possibility.

I need to decide upon, if not discover, my purpose in life and once gotten organize all of my activities to be in alignment with it. Everything that I do, according to Canfield, should be an expression of my life purpose.

My inner guidance system helps me in the process of living into my purpose. My inner guidance lets me know when I am on purpose by the amount of joy that I experience. According to Canfield, the things in life that bring me joy are in definitely in alignment with my purpose.

Once you discover your purpose in life read it and practice becoming present to it each morning. Becoming present to ones life purpose in the morning allows one the opportunity to bring into the day and stay focused on fulfilling ones purpose. Being present to my life purpose allows me to determine if my actions and behaviors are in alignment with my purpose.

One way to assist you in discovering your life purpose is through the process of meditation, quiet reflection. Such a process allows you the opportunity to truly uncover that which is your driving force for life, your life purpose.

My purpose is to be of service to other individuals. My purpose is to assist others in transforming their lives by altering the view that they have of themselves and life.

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Chapter One – Take 100 % Responsibility For Your Life.

In the process of transforming my life I have taken on the reading and applying the work of Jack Canfield and his book, Success Principles.

As with anything, the principles for success will work if I work them. No one other than me can do that which is suggested of and for me to do. As I also know repetition is the key, the key to the implementation and realization of the principles. Suggestions get made, and sometimes I do as requested and then again, sometimes I resist. I surrender to that which I need to do to transform my life or I resist, not wanting to do what is necessarily for me to change or transform my life. Being patient but persistent is also key. Work the principles fully and completely and practice perseverance, never giving up, is crucial for me to be a success.

Chapter One – Take 100 % Responsibility For Your Life.

First, I must get that I am not entitled to anything, anything in life. There is no one that is responsible for making sure that my life is fulfilled, exciting, and that I am happy. Nothing is suppose to or should happen in my life.

There is only one person who is responsible for the quality of my life and that person is me, me alone. I need to, if I am to transform my life, take 100 % responsibility for my life and all of the experiences that I have had and will have in the future. This amounts to me taking responsibility for my achievements, relationships, state of my health, income, feelings, in short, everything that I experience.

However, much of my life has been about not taking responsibility, of blaming others for my situation and circumstances, what is happening in my life. I sometimes have a tendency to blame something or someone outside of myself for the parts of my life that I do not like. It is time to stop looking outside of myself for the reason and answers to why I have not had or created the life that I have wanted. It is time to look to myself.

Taking responsibility, full responsibility, means that I have to acknowledge that I have created everything in my life, everything that has and will happen to me. I am the cause of all my experiences, I am the cause in the matter. To take full and complete responsibility for my experiences I will have to give up blaming and complaining. It is only by getting that I truly created my current conditions that I can recreate my life, the nature of the experiences that I have. Taking full responsibility will allow me to assume my power to recreate my life anew.

Important to this process is to give up all of my excuses, of being a victim, all the reasons why I can not do, of blaming outside circumstances and situations, thereby allowing me to assume and acknowledge my power to redirect and recreate my life. I have always had this power. I am always creating my life regardless of whether or not I acknowledge it or not. I am in truth always responsible. It is only through choice that I make a conscious effort or decision to take and assume, to acknowlege, 100% responsibility for all of my experiences, for everything that does or does not happen to me.

When something does not happen the way that I wanted it to happen, I need to ask myself how I created it, what was I thinking, what were or are my beliefs, or what did I do or not do to create the situation. Just as important I need to become present to what I need to do differently to create a different result, to get the result that I want.

According to Canfield, the event that happens plus my response to the event gets me the outcome, what I experience. If I do not like the outcome I can do one of two things. I can blame the event. Or I can focus on and assume that the cause is my response to the event. I can simply accept the event and focus my efforts on changing my responses to the event. I can change my thinking or my actions with respect to the event. Much of my life has been about blaming the event whether it be a person, place or thing. The key to transforming my life will be to stay present to my response to the events that happen.

What I have control over is the thoughts that I have, the actions that I take and the images that I visualize in my mind. How I use these three things will determine my experiences, my responses to events in my life. The key to having different outcomes or experiences is to change one or all of them, change my thoughts to more positive ones, change what I dream about, my habits, what I read, my friends and how I talk or communicate. If I keep doing what I have done I get what I have always gotten. If I want different experiences or outcomes then I must do differently.


1. Examine my thoughts and beliefs. Does my thinking stop or hinder me? Change the ones that are barriers to my life.

2. Examine my actions. Do my actions get me what I want? Change my behavior to be in alignment with what I want.

3. Examine how I communicate to others and myself.

4. Give up blaming others, people, places and things completely for my experiences.

5. Give up complaining completely about my experiences.

6. Pay attention to the “yellow alerts.” Pay attention to my experiences that are alerting me to the fact that I need to respond differently to an event. The “yellow alerts” can be internal or external. Pay attention to the feedback that will be given to me.

7. Be aware of or conscious of my thoughts and actions.

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