Chapter Twelve – Act As If

Act or behave as if you have already achieved your goals, as if you are
already where you want to be in life. Again, acting as if sends an
important message to your subconscious mind to resolve the difference
between where you are now and where you want to be.

Acting As If is like cognitive and behavioral rehearsal. Once you decide on what you want to be, have or do, merely start to act as if you already have it. Once you have a clear picture start to be it. This is an example where pretending is or can be in the service of growth and transformation.

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Chapter Eleven – See What You Want, Get What You See

Visualization is a very powerful modality for producing or creating
change. First it activates the powers of your unconscious mind. Second,
visualization activates your reticular activating system. And third it
assists in helping you to attract into your life the people and
resources that will assist you in having and achieving what you want.

Visualization should be done everyday. When you do visualization
everyday you create a conflict in your mind, about what you have and
what you don’t have. Your unconscious mind attempts then to resolve this conflict by making your reality exactly like what you are visualizing. Being more specific about what you visualize is better, giving the mind and brain a more exact target to start creating.

With your visualization be as specific and detailed as possible. Make
the images as clear and as bright as possible Canfield writes. When you review your goals each morning and in the evening pause to visualize them as if they were complete and created. To enhance the intensity, add emotions to the visualization.

Canfield also advocates the use of vision boards.

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Chapter Ten – Release the Brakes

We live our life sometimes within a “comfort zone” of our creation. This “comfort zone” is made up of beliefs and thoughts that limit oneself and negative images about self that stop even our best of intentions of changing or transforming our life. Our “comfort zone”, as Canfield says, is a prison we live in.

We can change our “comfort zone” by doing a variety of things. One way
is by using positive affirmations and self talk. A second way is by
creating new and powerful internal images of what you want. And third,
we can promote change by changing your behavior.

It is important to get that we are never stuck, that we can never
change. Our limiting thoughts about ourselves and reality create an
internal image which in turn governs our behavior that reinforces our
thoughts and beliefs especially about oneself.

We need to stop complaining about a negative situation that we are in,
as the focus of the complaining continues to reinforce the negative
experience hense continuing to create what it is that we say we don’t
want. Instead of continuing to focus on what you don’t want, it is
important to focus on what you do want, on the new reality that you want to experience.

Our self image regulates our level of performance. When we do or
accomplish things in life we may reach a point when the accomplishments
are starting to go outside the parameters of our self image. Our self
image will put limits upon that which we will accomplish or achieve. We
tend to not go outside our “comfort zone” of achieving, that which is
determined by our self image.

Positive affirmations are very powerful in promoting change. Canfield
makes several suggestions with respect to how to create them. Start with the words “I am.” Use present tense. State in the positive, affirm what you want, as if you have it. Keep it brief. Keep it specific. Include an action word ending in ing. Include a feeling or emotion. Make the affirmation about you, not someone else. Add or something better.

Canfield also talks about creating an affirmation from inside a
visualization, from within a visualization of what it is you want to
create for yourself. Once created, review your affirmations in the
morning, at noon and in the evening, before bed. Read each affirmation
out loud. Put your affirmations on 3 x 5 cards. Record your affirmations and listen to them while you work or sleep.

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