Notes on Louise Hay’s Movie, You Can Heal Your Life.

Below are some notes that I took while watching Louise Hay’s movie, You Can Heal Your Life.

Our inner conversation is very important.

Thoughts are not a reflection of what is happening to us.

Our thoughts are creating our experiences.

Our thoughts creat our future.

You become what you think about.

Change from negative to positive thinking will make all the difference.

Our source is inside, not outside us.

You can rewire patterns in the brain by changing our thoughts.

Change your thinking and you can change your life.

The gateway to wisdom and knowledge is always open to you.

I can change.

Paying attention to what you are saying gives you access to what your point of attraction truly is.

Open up spiritually.

Care about how you feel and create your happiness.

Bring love to all situations.

I forgive and I set myself free.

It is always about dealing with yourself.

Look for something to appreciate in everything.

We think there are limits to what we can do.  There are no limits except what we create.

The primary intention is to be happy.

We need to release the barriers to our life and let go.

The universe reflects back to us our point of attraction.

What we think is what comes true for us, especially about ourselves.

Every time you think a thought or say a word you are creating your life.

Do affirmations deliberately everyday to change your life.

Put your emotions behind the positive affirmations.

When we pray we enter the feeling of having the prayer answered.

We must feel the affirmations.

Awareness is the first step in the healing process.

When we are facing challenges we tend to blame.

Anything you complain about constantly is something you have an unconscious desire to produce.

Loving the self is the key.

Focus on being healthy, not on fixing what is wrong or broken.

What we think about and say is creating our experiences and life.

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