Notes on Debbie Ford’s, The Shadow Effect.

This is a very powerful movie.  I recommended it to everyone, especially those interested in transforming their lives.
What are you hiding?
When will you face the truth?
What will be possible when you do?
What do you want others to see about you.  You hide that part of yourself that you do not want others to see.
We repress our “shadow.”
Life has to be in alignment with the Shadow.
The Shadow is created early.
We created shame, that something is wrong with us.
We pretend to not be that which we hate.
We create a mask that attempts to show that we are ok.
We sabotage ourselves.
There is an inner life below the mask.
We feel we can not express our dark side.
Either you are going to use it or it will use you.
Every quality we see in another exists inside us.
We project the shadow onto other.  We do not own them ourselves.
What we can not be with will not let us be.
What we judge in others is merely a disowned part of ourselves.
When you react to a projection you become that projection.
Be with what you resist.
Health and emotions are connected.
Stress is a major factor.
Think and thought are the toxins that hurt us.
Thoughts and emotions affect our bodies.
What am I getting from staying stuck in my life.  What am I avoiding by being stuck?
Create that you are still in charge.
To be authentic is to express the hidden part of yourself.
Face the darkness to find the light.
It is our light and greatness that truly frightens us.
Our treasure is hidden under the shadow.
Forgiveness is the answer to releasing the shadow.
Most people do not want to consider that they even have a shadow.
Shame can devistate our sense of self.

Communication and Following Suggestions for Recovery.

There are some “steps” necessary before someone can successfully complete the twelve step program of either AA or NA.  While someone can learn these as they start the process and in some cases will only be learn them by engaging in the step work, the “steps” before the steps are fundamentally necessary for completing them.   The ‘steps” to which I refer are about communicating with another human being and following suggestions.

The first has to do with communication.  No recovery or transformation takes place without communcating with another human being.  For those in recovery this will appear as communication with a sponsor or therapist or hopefully both.  Changing or transforming by oneself will eventually turn out to be very difficult if not impossible for most individuals.  We tend to repeat that which we have.  To get something new we have to look to another human being to assist us in our getting it, in our transformation.

The second “step” has to do with following suggestions.  Following suggestions is fundamental to transforming our life.  Many people early in recovery have a great deal of difficulty following suggestions and tend to believe that they know how to do recovery or want to do it their way, possibly the easier, softer way.  To do recovery the way it was meant to be done a person has to follow suggestions, especially from his or her sponsor or therapist.

In the process of recovery these two “steps” work together.  For one to do recovery the way it was meant to be done and to do it completely, he or she has to communicate with another human being and in that communication be able to follow the suggestions given.  If one does not connect with another he or she will not follow the suggestions of another human being further along in recovery and will have a tendency to generate the same as that which was done in the past.  The past will continue to repeat itself until we connect with another and take suggestions designed to transform our life.

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