Positive Affirmations for the Love and Acceptance of our Body.

Loving and accepting who we are also involves our body.  What and how we think about our body is a major part of our personal transformation.  Below are some positive affirmations that will assist you with loving and accepting your body.

1.  I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

2.  I love everything about myself.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

3.  I love and approve of myself.  I love my body.

4.  I love who I am.  I love my life.

5.  I let go of the past, I live my life in and from the present moment.

6.  I joyously forgive others and myself and I set myself free from the past.  I am at peace.

7.  My body restores itself now to its natural state of good health.

8.  I always take good care of myself.

9.  I have and maintain my ideal, natural and healthy weight.

10.  I respect and always take good care of my body.

11.  My body is healthy and filled with energy.  I am healthy and filled with energy.

12.  I have and maintain the weight that I want.

13.  I am safe and protected at all times.  I trust the process of life.

14.  I can, I am able and I will.

15.  I am good enough just as I am.

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Your Self Limiting Belief and Breakdowns.

The third component or aspect of Holistic Counseling with respect to breakdowns involves becoming present to ones self-limiting belief, to the source, to that which actually created the breakdown.  Becoming present or aware of ones self limiting belief, to that which has determined ones life up until the process of transformation began to take place, is the first component in the process of Holistic Counseling.  Even though the awareness of ones self-limiting belief will create the space for the person to begin to create his life anew, it does not go away, become fixed or get cured. The self-limiting belief, much like a virus that has appeared in the human body, continues to exist.  As with any idea that we have or create about us, it is also a way of being.  We be or exist by what we think and more specifically by what we think about ourselves. What we are familiar with is being our self-limiting belief in the world. It is familiar for us to think and feel that the world is more powerful and real than we are and furthermore, that it is something that must be controlled and even survived. We will eventually experience a breakdown given our sense of inadequacy with respect to the world as this is how we have been in the community in the past. However, once the self-limiting belief is again distinguished the inauthenticity begins to weaken or be dissolved.

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The Story within the Breakdown.

Another component of gaining insight has to do with becoming present to the story that the person is creating with respect to the breakdown.  While the emotional state of the individual is very important to become aware of, listening to the story that he is creating is also of equal importance.  Within holistic counseling, every emotion is created by a thought.  When there are negative emotions present in a person’s life as he is experiencing a breakdown there are also corresponding thoughts taking place.  The thoughts that are taking place will appear as a story in the person’s mind.  Within the breakdown the story will be other oriented, involving external people, places, things, circumstance or situations.  Within the structure of the story, inherent to it, will be the belief that the external events are the real and the true cause of how the person is feeling.  It is with these thoughts that the breakdown and inauthentic way of being exists, something that is made up about another, hiding what it is truly about.  Blame and resentment will eventually result.  Becoming present to the story is vital if one is not to impulsively act upon it and as a result bring its destructive consequences into existence with respect to his life.  Becoming present or an observer to ones story is crucial to transforming a breakdown and getting back on track with ones life.

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Recognizing a Breakdown is vital to Transforming it.

The first component of having insight or awareness about oneself has to do with recognizing when one is in a breakdown. The key to such awareness is to be found in how the individual is feeling about what is happening in his life at any one moment.  There are many times in our lives where we do not stop to monitor or become present to how we are feeling. Sometimes we have a tendency to merely ignore or move away from how we are feeling about something or someone, people, places or things.  Breakdowns have certain emotions attached to their design.  Those most common are emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and sadness. The first part of utilizing or having insight in this respect is to monitor ones feeling state, to become present to how one is feeling and to do so to the point that it becomes part of ones very way of being in the world. Learning how to stay aware of ones emotional state is crucial to being able to successfully transform the breakdown experience that is being created by the person.

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More on Dealing with Breakdowns in Recovery.

Within the work of holistic counseling, the process of gaining insight will assist the individual in becoming authentic and also allow that person to stay in his recovery.  Gaining insight is a very important component of holistic counseling, the utilization of which allows the individual to move out of his self-limiting belief and back into being his created possibility.  When one begins to experience a breakdown he has gone back into being his self-limiting belief.  Their will be the story which is made up about what is happening in his life and also that which is hidden from him, that which is truly directing and creating his life, including the story. The technology of the insight process allows the individual the ability to transform his experience by being authentic and as a result letting go of being his self limiting belief thereby regaining his power and freedom through being his possibilities.  Utilization of the process of insight as with transformation itself is a practice that requires a great deal of commitment.  As with any skill the structure of gaining insight is taught and it is in communication with the persons coach or even sponsor that its implementation is brought forth into the individual’s life.

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Self Discovery through Holistic Counseling.

Becoming aware of that which has been hidden most of his life, to that which has been truly determining his very being in life, allows one the opportunity to change his life. Once one gets who he has been being in life, the second component of the holistic process is for the individual to begin to create his life as a possibility. Once the understanding of the self-limiting belief is realized, the individual is now able to truly create a new possibility for himself and his life.  Getting the self-limiting belief creates the space or an opening for a possibility or even possibilities to be created not as a result or product of the internal barrier but from or out of nothing.  It is only from knowing that which has limited us that possibility can truly be created.  As with the self-limiting belief, possibility exists in language.  Once one gets the language that he has been being, that has defined and limited him through being his self-limiting belief, it is at this point that he can begin to recreate himself through the power of his word. Who we are is our word.  In is in ones language or word that one has access to changing his life, and creating possibility and change for himself.

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Holistic Counseling for Transformation and Recovery.

Given that much of our life is lived in a state of pretending, from the construct of ego, becoming present to that which is hidden, to who we are truly being in life, is absolutely necessary for transformation and recovery. It is in that which is primarily hidden from us that one will discover what is determining ones life, referred to here as ones self-limiting belief. The first component of the holistic process is for one to become present to the hidden thoughts and beliefs that have been limiting him in life and in particular to his self-limiting belief. It is in the being of the self-limiting belief that one will discover the primary constraint or barrier to his life, to him living a life that he loves and living it powerfully. We live life from who we think we are.  Who we think we are forms the background for our life.  Having the awareness or distinction of the self-limiting belief allows one the ability to not be it, to not have his life be merely the reply of the past. Without the distinction of the self-limiting belief one will continue to create his life from the backdrop of this ideational barrier and as a result life will appear much as it did in the past.

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