Who Are You? Who We Think We Are Is Important!

Who we are in life, how we go about defining ourselves, is something that various from one person to the next.  One person will see themselves as somebody who does something, as defined by their vocation or job.  Another person will define themselves by what they have.  What a person has could be money or a variety of material objects, cars or houses, their possessions.  What a person has could also be the relationships that are a fundamental part of their life.  When there is a loss in any of the above mentioned areas of a person’s life depression and an existential crisis may develop, leaving the person with no clear idea of who he is.  When the very definition of who the person believes that he is is taken away, it is that person’s identity that is called into question.  The end result is the feeling that he is no one, of no worth or value.

Identity, as defined above, is dependent upon something other than us, something external to us as a person.  One of the powerful aspects of transformation is that true identity is not dependent upon the content that is external from us as human beings.  Our true identity is to be found not outside us but internally, within us.  For some this journey of discovery comes to the realization that who we truly are is Spirit, God, or that higher power of your own understanding.  In this process, some say, we find that we are not separate from everything and the world but very connected, apart of, only to be fully discovered in our unity with all that is in life.

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What I have learned, been reminded of recently, that I had forgotten.

The passing of my parents has driven home the idea and powerful concept that all things change, nothing stays the same.  We sometimes get into the mind space that the things in our lives, including other people, will always be there.  We think also that we own things, that they are ours, that we will have them forever.  When we go through the loss of those closest to us we start to transform our thinking in this respect, or at least we are given an opening to create the possibility of a new way of thinking.  I suppose that some people, if not many, never get this and continue to live their lives as if all is the same.  Sometimes we have a moment when something, some event, takes place that either transforms or begins a transformation within us.

Given this new transformation that has and is continuing to take place within me, I am learning that our relationships are all that we truly have in life.  Whether it be about being of service to others or about experiencing love towards another, it is important to pay full attention to it, to definitely not take any of it for granted, to be fully there for the experience.  It will all change, this we know now.  This is a universal law, the way things and life is, everything changes, nothing stays the same.  While we are truly blessed to have the experience, say, of loving another, we need to be fully present to the experience and enjoy it for what it is and for how ever long it lasts.  The teaching is to give ourselves fully to the experience, to be there completely, to not hold back but also to stay present to the fundamental truth that everything changes.  I further believe that this experience, its essence, the love that I experience, for example, that we do take this with us.

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Using Personalized Positive Affirmation Technology in Recovery.

The technology of utilizing positive affirmations that are recorded in a person’s own voice and therapeutic relaxation music is currently being employed in the treatment of those suffering from substance dependency problems.  At the Holistic Addiction Treatment Program in North Miami Beach, Florida, clients are given access to this powerful technology.  Clients have the ability to create personal affirmations that empower them and support their recovery and also are able to record these affirmations in their own voice.  The recorded positive affirmations are then mixed with specially designed therapeutic relaxation music to create a powerful audio product to assist the individual in his recovery.  Once created the client is trained in the most effective manner in which to utilize their personal CD as part of their overall recovery plan.  Those clients who utilize this powerful technology tend to improve their self- esteem, stay in recovery and improve the quality of their life in general.  When a person feels and thinks more positively about himself he tends to be more positive towards everything that he is taking on in his life, including and most importantly his life and recovery.

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Enhancing the Power of Positive Affirmations with Relaxation Music.

The process of using ones own voice in doing work with positive affirmations can be strengthened with the use of therapeutic relaxation music.  While the use of ones own voice is very powerful for creating change in a person’s life, the use of specially designed therapeutic relaxation music assists in creating the audio space for this process to be even more powerful.  We tend to be more open or suggestible to positive affirmations or language when we are in a state of peace and relaxation.  When combined with binaural audio tones the relaxing affect of the therapeutic relaxation music is greatly enhanced.  When used with the combined effect of the therapeutic relaxation music and binaural audio tones and consistently, the positive enhancing affirmations that are delivered will have such a profound affect upon improving and transforming a person’s internal, self-talk and eventually his or her self-esteem.

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The most effective way to use Positive Affirmations!

The most effective way to use positive affirmations is with the individual’s own voice. While a person can have a beneficial result from listening to a commercially developed product that employs positive affirmations recorded by another, the transformative power of this technology is enhanced or strengthened by the positive messages being delivered in the person’s own voice.  By using a person’s own voice to transform the inner dialogue, there is less resistance to the transformational process due to the fact that the voice itself is the same or identical.  It is as though the negative voice or language pattern that one hears repeatedly in life is altered or transformed by the consistent exposure and listening to that same voice but with the structure of positive enhancing affirmations.  Eventually the structure will transform from one that is negative to one that is positive in nature.

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