The Four Stages of the Process of Recovery.

It appears that there are four stages of the process of recovery that one should be aware of.  Sometimes awareness can be of great benefit to those who are taking their recovery seriously.  Knowing the four stages will assist an individual in being able to access where they are in the process and if needed taking appropriate action to avoid relapse.

Stage One:  Working the program of recovery.  When individuals come out of treatment they tend to feel good, believing that they have truly started a process of recovery and transformation.

Stage Two:  The Dip.  The Dip is when the individual begins to experience the negative emotional side of life, and all of the negative emotions associated with it.  The person will feel sad, depressed, anxious, frustration, etc.

Stage Three:  The Breakdown.  It is here that the individual starts to move toward relapse.  It is here that the individual is starting to lose the knowledge and wisdom once gained.  Relapse has not yet happened.

Stage Four:  Relapse.

The key to this type of paradigm is to know when one is going into The Dip and the steps to take to avoid slipping into Breakdown.  Once in a Breakdown it is difficult to pull oneself out of it and avoid relapse.  Usually the individual did not follow suggestions when they entered The Dip.  The Dip is part of life, part of being a human being.  We all experience it, and especially an individual in recovery.  The key is being able to manage The Dip appropriately, of reaching out to another human being for counsel.  If The Dip is not managed appropriately and effectively the individual will enter a Breakdown and most likely relapse.  The goal is to manage The Dip and return to stage one, practicing the program of recovery.

Itunes Store and the Relaxation Music of Harry Henshaw and Enhanced Healing

Nite Rain, a Composition for Relaxation and Reducing Stress.

When I started out in counseling I practiced a great deal of hypnosis.  I also used music in the trance and hypnosis work.  The music I used was not mine initially.  When I got the idea to create and use my own music I created Nite Rain.  It was the first composition that I used in counseling and the practice of hypnosis.

Since I created Nite Rain years ago I have always wanted to release it again given the advancements that I have made in recording and editing.  This I have done now and have released it on Itunes.  I hope that people enjoy it and find it as relaxing as I do.

Since the original release of Nite Rain I have created several other relaxation music compositions, all designed for helping people to relax and reduce the stress of living. All of these compositions can be found on Itunes now.  The music that I have created can be used for a variety of things creating a general state of relaxation, meditation and reducing stress.

A Meditation Exercise for Reducing Stress!

Enhanced Healing would like to announce the release of a very special Meditation Exercise for Reducing Stress.   Enhanced Healing – A Meditation Exercise for Reducing Stress is a very effective exercise for assisting you to relax and as a result reduce your daily stress.  The effectiveness of the exercise comes with repeated use and practice.

The key to meditation and relaxation is to present yourself to the now, and your breathing is the key to this process.  Enhanced Healing – A Meditation Exercise for Reducing Stress gives you a process to practice to achieve this.  One of the tracks to this album also has positive affirmations for helping your to relax.

Relaxation Music combined with Personalized Positive Affirmations will Transform.

The process of using ones own voice in doing work with positive affirmations can be strengthened with the use of therapeutic relaxation music. While the use of ones own voice is very powerful for creating change in a person’s life, the use of specially designed therapeutic relaxation music assists in creating the audio space for this process to be very powerful. We tend to be more open or suggestible to positive affirmations or language when we are in a state of relaxation.

When combined with binaural audio tones the relaxing affect of the therapeutic relaxation music is greatly enhanced. When used with the combined effect of the therapeutic relaxation music and binaural audio tones and consistently, the positive enhancing affirmations that are delivered will have such a profound affect upon improving and transforming a person’s internal, self-talk and eventually his self-esteem.

Change your thinking, especially your inner thinking or self talk, and your life will transform.

Itunes Store and the Relaxation Music of Harry Henshaw and Enhanced Healing

The Most Effective Way to use Positive Affirmations!

The most effective way to use positive affirmations is with the individual’s own voice. While a person can have a beneficial result from listening to a commercially developed product that employs positive affirmations recorded by another, the transformative power of this technology is enhanced or strengthened by the positive messages being delivered in the person’s own voice.

By using a person’s own voice to transform the inner dialogue, there is less resistance to the transformational process due to the fact that the voice itself is the same or identical.  It is as though the negative voice or language pattern that one hears repeatedly in life is altered or transformed by the consistent exposure and listening to that same voice but with the structure of positive enhancing affirmations. Eventually the structure will transform from one that is negative to one that is positive in nature.

One of the most important factors is being committed to this type of modality.  Using the positive affirmations repeatedly will make a difference.  However, patience is required.

Itunes Store and the Relaxation Music of Harry Henshaw and Enhanced Healing

Positive Affirmations to Improve your Self Esteem.

Using positive affirmations can transform your self esteem.  Using positive affirmations can help you to change how you think and as a result feel about yourself.  Our feelings, especially about ourselves, is determined by the thoughts we have and specifically the ones we hold about who we think we are.  Negative thoughts produce negative emotions and feelings.  Change your thinking about yourself and you will change how you feel about yourself, your experience of you.

Below are 10 positive affirmations for self esteem.  Use them, practice them and you will have a change take place in your life, in what you attract into your life.I

I love myself.  I love life.

I love everything about myself.

I love who I am.  I love my life.

I am good enough just as I am.

I am perfect, whole and complete.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

I always take good care of myself.

I love and approve of myself.

I am loving, lovable and loved.  I am love.

My life is filled with love.

When combined with therapeutic relaxation music the positive affirmations become even more powerful.  When combined with therapeutic relaxation music positive affirmations become powerful hypnotic suggestions.

Fantasia with Positive Affirmations for Improving Self Esteem

A Simple Truth about Who We Are in Life.

One simple truth is that we are perfect, whole and complete just as we are. It is our story about ourselves that does not allow us to truly experience our own completeness and greatness.  Making mistakes in life does not make us wrong or flawed in some way but only presents us with feedback and valuable opportunities for growth.

Becoming present to how we make ourselves wrong, of how we put ourselves down, allows us an opening to realize that we are not what we do or think. Our true self is something much different.  Becoming present to our attempts to make others and ourselves wrong in some manner will also create a cleaning for us to begin to think, feel and behave differently.

Once we fully realize that we are perfect, whole and complete just as are, we will bring forth into our lives experiences that will truly empower us and others. It will be at this point that we will begin to authentically take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves in this respect will also involve taking care of our true self, of unconditionally loving ourselves completely.

It is only when we truly love and accept ourselves, as we are, in the present moment that we will be able to do so with others. We always think, feel and behave towards others as we think, feel and act towards ourselves.

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