Using Positive Affirmations to Transform My Life by Creating Relaxation

As part of my plan or practice to get grounded and reduce the experience of stress, creating a sense of relaxation and being connected to Source or Spirit, I am currently working with the following positive affirmations.  The purpose is to create a state of relaxation with respect to my body and to begin to get connected back to that from which I originally came.  The plan is to recite them daily, throughout the day.  I also plan to record the positive affirmations in my voice and mix it with the relaxation music that I have created.

1.  I am relaxed, calm and peaceful.

2.  I am safe and protected at all times.

3.  I am one with all that is and with the power that created me, with Source, with Spirit, with God.

4.  I breathe slowly and deeply.

5.  With each breathe that I take I become more relaxed.

Relaxation Music for Helping You to Reduce Stress and Create Harmony in Your Life

Enhanced Healing is committed to providing our visitors the highest quality in relaxation music downloads for reducing stress and positive affirmation programs for improving self esteem.  Enhanced Healing also offers its relaxation music recordings to professionals who want to create their own audio health care product.  Enhanced Healing now offers its relaxation music and holistic healing products in the Itunes Store.

The relaxation music of Enhanced Healing has been created in such a way that it allows the body to begin to relax.  The relaxation music has long sustaining “voices” mixed with  binaural audio tones to create the audio space for you to completely experience a sense of tranquility and balance.  The effect of the relaxation music allows your body and mind to begin the process of transformation.  Several of the recordings of relaxation music produced by Enhanced Healing are listened below.

Prescription for Stress

Lunar Sun

Gradual Awakening

Deep Relaxation

Enhanced Healing also has relaxation music recordings for help you experience a more restful, peaceful sleep.

Gentle Dreams – Relaxation Music for Sound Sleeping

Equilibrium for Sleep

My Plan for Transformation

I have now put together a daily plan for my personal transformation.  The plan involves practicing four separate exercises on a daily basis.  On a weekly basis I will evaluate how I am doing and if any changes are to be made in the plan.  The success of the plan will rest upon my integrity to follow through with the plan.  The purpose of the plan will be to restore my body back to balance and a sense of harmony.

1.  Monitoring my Body:  The practice is to monitor my body throughout that day.  I am to be aware of how I am feeling.  If I feel tense I am to relax my body, to not be doing anything else but relax my body and let go of the stress or tenseness.

2.  Listening to therapeutic relaxation music:  The practice will be to listen to therapeutic relaxation music once a day to start.  As I listen I am to practice relaxing my body.  I can listen more than once a day if I desire to do so.

4.  Meditating:  Practice is to meditate once a day.  The purpose is to get in touch with my body, to feel my body and be comfortable with the experience.

4.  Using Positive Affirmations:  The practice is to use a positive affirmation to be repeated daily.

Enhanced Healing

A Comment about the Power of Relaxation Music to Transform

In addition to my monitoring my body, to being aware of how I am feeling, and practicing the relaxation exercise that I have written about, I am also using the therapeutic relaxation music that I have created to help me relax even more.  I am finding that listening to the relaxation music repeatedly helps me to not only relax at the time that I am listening to it but also assists me in staying relaxed more during the day.  It is as though listening to the music helps to not only create a sense of relaxation at the moment but also begins to condition my body to be or exist in a relaxed and balanced state or way of being.  This relaxed state of being will help my body to heal from certain physical conditions that I have created over time from existing in a state of fear and survival but also will allow for the transformation of my mind and way of thinking.  When relaxed we are more open to suggestions, to new ideas, to ideas and beliefs that are counter to the primary beliefs that have been running the show, to my self limiting beliefs.  Being tense and stressed only restricts us, causes us to be defensive and less open to that which will truly transform us, a change in our thinking, a change in who we think we are, my self limiting belief and belief system.

Itunes Store and the relaxation music of Enhanced Healing

Creating Confidence for Yourself and Your Life with Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations can be used to help you create confidence for Yourself and Your Life.  Using these affirmations every day will help you feel better about yourself and your ability to have a good life.  Using these positive affirmations with therapeutic relaxation music will help the positive affirmations have a hypnotic quality and increase their power to assist you in transforming your life.

1.  I am confident and courageous.

2.  My future is positive and bright.

3.  I always do my very best.

4.  I believe in myself and my ability.

5.  My life is a success.  I am a success.

6.  I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do.

7.  My life is filled with infinite possibilities.

8.  I deserve success in my life.  I deserve to be a success.

9.  I can, I am able and I will.  I can do it.

10.  I love myself.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

Inner Peace with Positive Affirmations for Having Confidence

Positive Affirmations for Confidence with the Sounds of Nature

Creating a State of Relaxation during the Day

The latest part of my practice of transformation is to notice when I am tense, on edge even.  What this requires of me is to notice how I am feeling at the moment.  I simply practice directing my awareness to my body, asking myself how I am feeling at the moment.  What I am finding more times than not is that I am tense.  Most of the time I find that my body is experiencing a state of being stressed.

Once noticed I simply practice relaxing my body.  It is a letting go of the tenseness.  Given this work I know that when I am tense that I am in a state of fear, on guard, preparing for something negative to happen.  To respond differently I simply relax my body and the tenseness eventually dissipates.  I feel more at ease, more relaxed.

This part of my practice takes a lot of awareness.  Even when I do the exercise I know that my body will tense up again, sometimes very soon.  This type of work takes a lot of discipline.  Creating the awareness of a new habit requires that I connect back to my body and how it is feeling at any given time.  Even though I know that my body will become tense again I am getting releif from this practice.  I must stay dedicated to monitoring my body and how it is feeling.

Itunes Store and the relaxation music of Harry Henshaw and Enhanced Healing

The Relaxation Music and Healing Programs of Enhanced Healing now on Itunes

Enhanced Healing is in the process of transforming its site.  As this process will take some time we would like to announce that we are also offering our music on Itunes.  We are very excited about the possibility of offering our Relaxation Music and Holistic Healing Programs to the world.  Enhanced Healing is committed to providing our visitors with the highest quality in relaxation music downloads for reducing stress and positive affirmation programs for improving self esteem.  Below are the links to the Itunes Store where our music is now being presented.

Itunes Stores and the Relaxation Music of Enhanced Healing

Itunes Stores and the Relaxation Music of Enhanced Healing

Itunes Stores and the Relaxation Music of Enhanced Healing

Itunes Stores and the Relaxation Music of Enhanced Healing