Self Doubt can stop us at what we are up to in Life.

While there are things in life that can create road blocks for our dreams, most of the time it is us that stop ourselves.  It is our self doubt, the belief that I can not do or that if I try I will fail, that stops us cold at achieving what we want to have out of life.  In my new venture I am faced with this process every morning that I wake up to go to my work, my work at creating and marketing my music to the whole.  While there are things in this endeavor that happen and that need to be dealt with directly and resolved even, taking time as they do, it is my own thinking process that attempts to slow me down, that even attempts get me to stop doing what I am doing now.  The way that I am dealing with it is to be aware that it is a story I am generating or making up, whose design is to simply stop me at trying.  I have a story that I am not enough, that things do not work out.  If I give attention to that story, if I believe it as if it is the truth, then I will not stay creating what I truly love.  If I believe the lies that I tell myself I will not achieve my dream.

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Remembering an Extraordinary Event.

This time last year I was back in my home town.  I was not there to visit my friends or family but to be witness to something truly extraordinary.  Having arrived two days earlier I had come to my hometown, where I had grown up, to witness my mother’s passing.  Arriving on a Sunday I watched as my mother slipped into a coma, never to return.  For four days I sat with my brothers and son to watch my mother passing from this life.  On that Thursday my mother eventually passed.  Sitting by her bed side holding her hand, I was witness to something truly extraordinary.  Here was a wonderful, powerful woman, loving and caring to her family, about to leave the planet.  I was witness to someone who I truly loved and adored, who gave birth to me, pass away.  It was only fitting that as she watched me come into this world that I would watch her leave.  There is not one day that I do not think of her.  In moments of silence I can still hear her voice speaking to me.  I know she will always be there, in my heart.  I miss you mom.  You will always remain close to me.

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Positive Affirmations for helping you to stand in Forgiveness.

Positive affirmations work if we use them daily.  Positive affirmations help us to change or transform our thinking, to take us out of negative space and thereby assist us in creating a positive space in which to be.  Positive affirmations will help you to stand in a space where forgiveness is positive.  The willingness to forgive starts the process, the positive affirmations for forgiveness continues the journey.

Positive affirmations for Forgiveness:

1.  I joyously release the past.  I am at peace.

2.  I forgive others and I set myself free from them.

3.  I forgive and I let go of the past.

4.  I am forgiving.  I forgive.  I forgive others.  I forgive myself.

5.  I forgive myself and I set myself free from the past.

6.  I accept others for how they are and how they are not.

7.  I forgive myself completely, let go of the past and choose to live in the present moment.

8.  The past is over.  I live life in the present moment.

9.  I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

10.  I forgive myself and I ask forgiveness for others.

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Facing the Struggle of Life through Transformation

In my new venture there are times during the day that my life seems as though it is a struggle, and sometimes even too much to deal with.  Filled with fear and self doubt, I face life daily, attempting to create a new path for myself.  While I have been working very hard at creating a new vocation for myself, I am faced with obsticules through out the day.  The main one that I face each morning when I wake up is myself.

While there things, people, places and things, that appear to get in our way the only one that truly matters is ourselves.  I get in my way constantly.  I create, with my thoughts and word, excuses as to why I can not make it in my new venture, how I will fall short and fail, that nothing works out.

My work with the machine in my head is first to be aware.  Be aware of the inner self talk, of the negative chatter.  Be aware that it is I that will attempt to create another agenda for me, one different from the one that I have consciously created to transform my life.  Once aware I need not be fearful as can not change the language of the machine, of the mind.  It is here that such modalities as positive affirmations are so important.  It is through our self talk, how we view ourselves, that we begin to transform our life.

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In its commitment to provide quality therapeutic relaxation music to the world, Enhanced Healing has just released seven new albums on Itunes.

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What I am becoming present to in my new project for my life.

I am now going out on my own to create a business of selling my relaxation music to the world.  In this new venture I am working very hard and many long hours.  As the journey continues I am learning a great deal.  I am learning many new technical things that I did not know before.  While there are mistakes being made there is also many new things that are getting done and created.

One thing I am now very aware of is how I attempt to stop myself.  The attempts to slow down if not stop my work are coming from me, from my mind, from my thought process.  When I start to take on doing certain things in the project, new things that I have never attempted before, I hear this voice telling me that it will not work, that my efforts will not be fruitful or that I can not learn how to do it.  My work is making me very aware of this inner voice that is attempting to stop me.

My continuing work is to acknowledge the voice as is staying what it says and then continue with my new vocational venture anyway.  I am working hard not to resist it or create another negative conversation about it.  I simply listen to this inner voice and then get back into that which I working on achieving in my drive to be an independent individual.  I have always worked for others and now am in the game of working for myself primarily.

The voice is my self limiting belief and is from the past.  It is a voice that wants to keep telling me that something is wrong with me and that things always turn out bad.

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