Positive Affirmations for Transformation

1. I joyously release the past. I am at peace.

2. My body restores itself now to its natural state of good health. I am perfect, whole and complete.

3. My income is constantly increasing.

4. I breathe slowly and deeply.

5. With each breathe that I take I become more relaxed.

6. I love everything about myself.

7. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

8. I forgive myself and I set myself free from the past.

9. I love and approve of myself.

10. I am relaxed, calm and peaceful.

11. I accept and enjoy the moment, I live in the present.

12. I trust the process of life.

13. I am one with all that is and with the power that created me, with Source, with Spirit, with God.

14. I love who I am. I love my life.

15. I am grateful for everyone and everything that I have in my life.

16. My body is strong and healthy. I am strong and healthy.

17. My life and future is abundant and prosperous.

18. I am intelligent, talented and creative.

19. I always do my very best.

20. I am the divine expression of God. Who I am is Spirit, Source, God.

21. I am willing to change.

22. I am responsible for everything that I think say, feel and do.

23. I trust and allow others to help me.

24. I accept the things I can not change. I accept things the way they are and the way they are not.

25. I have the courage to change the things I can change. I can change myself.

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem from Enhanced Healing

The following are Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem.

1.  I love myself.

2.  I love everything about myself.

3.  I love who I am.

4.  I love my life.

5.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

6.  I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

7.  I always take good care of myself.

8.  I love and approve of myself.

9.  I am loving, lovable and loved.

10.  I am love.

Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem 

Enhanced Healing

Guarantee from Enhanced Healing

Enhanced Healing is committed to helping you to experience a state of relaxation and as a result reduce the stress that you have on a daily basis.

Given our belief that our high quality MP3 download recordings will help you to achieve this goal, Enhanced Healing would like to offer you a guarantee.

Enhanced Healing will refund your money within seven days if you are not satisfied with your purchase.  This guarantee applies to the positive affirmation and hypnosis recordings as well.

Dr Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing

New Products and Services Offered by Enhanced Healing

Enhanced Healing is now offering a variety of new services and products.

Enhanced Healing is now offering six new recordings of relaxation music.  Clarity, Enlightenment, Equilibrium, Synergy, Inner Balance and Inner Reflection are now available.  These recordings are available in 30 and 60 minute recordings and also combined with the sounds of a tranquil stream and gentle ocean.

Positive affirmation recording are now available with the sounds of a forest and the ocean.

In addition, Enhanced Healing is now offering healing hypnosis programs designed to help with sleep and relaxation.  Sound Sleep and In The Moment are both new to Enhanced Healing.  My Special Place will be released very soon.

Enhanced Healing also has Special Offers on Dr Henshaw’s relaxation music, positive affirmation and hypnosis recordings.

All of the recordings offered by Enhanced Healing have been remastered in order to enhance the quality.  All recordings are high quality MP3 downloads.

For more information about all of the new services and products of Enhanced Healing please visit our new website at Enhanced Healing.

Dr Harry Henshaw

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Therapeutic Relaxation Music of Dr Harry Henshaw

Music has many therapeutic qualities and has been utilized in promoting a variety of healings throughout the ages. Therapeutic relaxation music can be a very powerful modality for changing your emotional state and how you feel.  Therapeutic relaxation music can help you experience a very deep state of relaxation, reduce stress, promote a peaceful, restful sleep and even begin to generate physical healing.  Therapeutic relaxation music can also used to help you to improve your self-esteem and further your personal growth and transformation in many areas of your life.

The therapeutic relaxation music that Dr Harry Henshaw has created can be used by anyone who wants to experience a more relaxed and balanced emotional state, to experience a profound sense of deep relaxation and serenity, to reduce the stress of daily life and to even promote a peaceful and restful sleep.  Dr Henshaw’s therapeutic relaxation music has been uniquely designed to promote a profound sense of wellness and also utilizes the power of binaural audio tones to further enhance and deepen your relaxation experience.

Each recording created by Dr Henshaw has been designed to ensure the listener in initially experiencing a deep state of relaxation.  Dr Henshaw’s recordings utilizes two components to assist an individual in effectively experiencing a very deep state of relaxation, reducing stress and also in promoting a peaceful, restful sleep. The first component of his recordings is the musical pattern itself.  Dr Henshaw has  found that musical compositions that are harmonically slow, repetitious, with sustained voices, which are rhythmically, random in tempo assists an individual greatly in experiencing a very deep state of relaxation.

The second component of his recordings is the use of the binaural audio tones that are interwoven into the music. The binaural tones, through a process referred to as “entrainment” or “frequency following”, gently guides or directs the mind/body to generate more of the targeted frequency of brain wave activity whether it be for either profound relaxation or sleep. The recordings for experiencing a sense of deep relaxation contain binaural audio tones within the theta range while the recordings that are designed to help a person go to sleep contains binaural audio tones within the delta range.

Enhanced Healing