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Staying Present to My Expectations about my Dream will make a Difference

The purpose of this entry is to share my current emotional state about my dream.

My dream, as I refer to it, is to impact the world with my music, to help others to relax with my music and as a result of listening to it to reduce the stress that they are experiencing.  Part of the dream has to do with making the dream my sole vocation, to make it what I do full time.  Part of my dream is to be able to make a living from the dream itself.  Doing so would allow me to create even more music.

As I move towards my dream I have to stay present to the  expectations that I create about the dream.  For example, I do expect that I should now be making more money from the sales of the music than I am at the moment.  I know that it is this belief that I have created that generates my frustration and even my doubts about the very nature of the dream.  When my expectations are not being fulfilled, as it is not now, I even doubt where I should continue to pursue the dream, that maybe it is a waste of my time.

I know that I have to stay aware of my feelings, especially the negative ones, that are letting me know that I am frustrated about my dream.  While it is easy to allow myself to fall completely into the frustration and even let myself be consumed by it I have to first recognize that I am in it, in an emotional dip, so to speak.  If I am not able to become and stay present to my immediate emotions and feelings about the dream then the dream may never become a reality.

However, once I recognize that I am in a dip, I have to make an effort to shift my thinking, my thoughts, to something else, to move away from what I am thinking about.  What I tend to do first is to let go of the work that I am doing with the dream and do something else different, like take a walk in nature, even down to the water.  Another thought shift is to become aware of what I am grateful for, grateful for the fact that I have a dream and that progress is being made slowly.  Part of being grateful is choosing at this point to practice staying aware of what is showing up and not what is missing.

While there is nothing that can replace the hard work that it takes to make the dream a reality, I have to stay aware of my thinking, of my very thoughts about the dream, as I go about the process of creating my dream.  My thoughts will either assist me or be a barrier to making the dream happen.  Positive thinking about the dream rather then negative thinking will go along way to making the dream happen for me.  Keeping my thoughts positive about the dream does matter and will make the difference.


SOUND SLEEPING from Enhanced Healing

Sound Sleeping is a hypnosis healing recording developed by Dr Harry Henshaw to help you to sleep better, to relieve stress and anxiety, for stress relief and stress management, to improve insomnia.  This recording ofSound Sleeping by Dr Harry Henshaw combines a hypnotic exercise to help you sleep, the therapeutic relaxation music of Gentle Dreams, delta binaural audio tones and subliminal programming.  Included in this offer is a 30 minute recording of the relaxation music Gentle Dreams.  Sound Sleeping allows you to learn a technique for helping you to sleep more effectively while while the additional recording of Gentle Dreams will let you practice the technique on your own.  These recordings are high quality MP3 downloads for relaxation, stress relief, stress management, to help you to sleep better.

Sound Sleeping from Enhanced Healing

Staying on my Commitment to Create my Dream

I have had my dream for awhile now.  It is something that up until recently I only gave passing thoughts to.  Over the past year or so the passing thoughts have become more constant in nature.  The constant nature of the thoughts have caused me to make some major changes in my life, for example, to work part time at my profession so that I can take on my dream full time.  I have started over with reinventing my life, with my role in the world.

While I have invested a lot of time and energy in the mechanics of my dream, I am now taking a closer look at the fundamental nature of the magnet, of that which draws or sources people, places and things into my life.  If my dream is to come to be a reality, this part of the work has to be done as it is the most important part.  It is from me that the entire dream evolves.  It is from me and my thoughts and thinking that the dream was born and it is from me that it will live on.

Recently I have been watching and editing the movie, The Secret.  One of the important things about this move is that it constantly reminds me that things are possible and that my thoughts and thinking are the key to getting what I want from life.  Watching the movie over and over as I have been helps to keep me in the conversation of true change, of transformation.  It reminds me that watching my word is important and that what I think and say is crucial to the realization of the dream.

Fantasia – Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music 

Creating New Possibility in a New Year

Today is the first day of a new year.  Today is an extraordinary day, a day to declare and take on creating new possibility in your life.  Declaring the possibility that you will go about creating for yourself throughout the year will give you focus and direction.

I want to create health and prosperity for myself and my life.  Once the possibility is generated then it is important and necessary to develop an action plan, a plan to make the possibility able to be fulfilled upon.  The action plan is about doing.

My action plan will involve having an exercise plan and diet that will support my health and well being.  My action plan for prosperity will be to have a detailed plan for generating more income through my website.

Both plans will require that I be responsible for my word and actions, doing what I said I would do.  My plan is only as good as my follow through on it.  What is always at stake throughout the new year is my integrity.

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music   

Clarity – Relaxation Music of Enhanced Healing

Relaxation Music for Relaxaton, Stress Relief and Stress Management

Relaxation Music

Clarity is holistic, relaxation music that will reduce the anxiety of the mind and the tensions of the body.  Clarity is healing, relaxation music that transports the listener to a state of relaxation to relieve stress and anxiety.  Clarity is relaxation music that will help to promote a state of deep relaxation, to relieve stress and anxiety, for stress relief and stress management.  Clarity also utilizes theta binaural audio tones to further enhance the relaxation and stress relief. Clarity is excellent for using with any kind of holistic, healing practice such as yoga, massage, reiki, meditation, counseling, hypnosis or hypnotherapy.  This recording is a 60 minute high quality MP3 download of holistic, relaxation music for relaxation, stress relief and stress management.

Relaxation Music of Clarity