Five Ways to Transform Your Thinking and Your Life

Transforming your thinking is the key to changing your life.  It is our thinking that creates or generates our feelings which in turn dictates our behavior, what we do in life.  While it is true that we act or do from how we feel it is our thoughts and beliefs that cause us to feel a certain way, whether positive or negative.  Change your thinking and change your life.  I can think of five ways to go about practicing this type of transformation. 

First is Reading.  When we read and think about the words we are reading we are in the process of altering our thoughts, if just for a moment when we are reading.  If we continue to read the words they begin to imprint on our mind, having in some cases a lasting effect.  Some even belief that when we actually read something that we are what we are reading, that the language and words that we are contemplating is who we are at the moment.

Second is Prayer.  Praying is a way for us to practice an internal dialogue with ourselves.  Praying will alter our thinking especially if we do it repeatedly, every day for example.  Again, when we pray, when we say what ever it is that we say in prayer, we are the words or language that we create.  When our words are about getting connected to our Spirit or Source it is at that moment that we are getting connected.

Conversation is third.  Having conversations are either a way of reinforcing the beliefs and thoughts that we have already or a way of starting to create and generate a new thinking process.  This is especially powerful when you are having a conversation about some topic that you are in the process of learning, say, something spiritual in nature, some conversation that has to do with transformation.  When you discuss the topic with another human being you have the possibility of imprinting the thoughts and beliefs from the conversation even more.   

Positive Affirmations is the fourth way.  Using positive affirmations is one of the most powerful ways to change your thinking.  When you use positive affirmations daily you begin to alter the very beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself, that which forms the context of who we think we are, our self image.  When who we think we are alters or transform then our entire life starts to shift in a very powerful way.  What we have been sourcing into our life will then start to be different when our self image transforms.    

Gratitude List is the fifth way.  Having a gratitude list and repeating it daily, especially in the morning upon rising, is a way of causing or generating that which you want to have in your life.  When we say what we are grateful for we are continuing to source those things and people into our life.  Like the above mentioned five ways to transform your thinking, having an attitude of gratitude will cause you to create positive language and words for you to live from.     

Putting all five ways of transforming your thinking into a daily practice will have an extraordinary impact on your life.  Done repeatedly as part of your daily practice will transform your life and let  you begin to live the life that you say you want.  

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Beneficial Effect of Binaural Audio Tones When Added to Relaxation Music and Sleep Music.

I have been composing my relaxation music and sleep music for over twenty years now.  As I have mentioned before my compositions came out of my practice of hypnosis.  For several years I used the music in my hypnotic work with clients.  As I was using my relaxation music I discovered something called binaural audio tones.  I believe now that the binaural audio tones, also knows as binaural beats, strengthens the effect of the music.  For me it is the combination of the relaxation music and binaural audio tones that gives my recordings such healing capabilities.

I believe that the design of my music does cause beneficial effects for the listener. First, there is the actual structure of the musical composition. It seems that having long, sustained chords or voices, approximately 12 to 15 seconds in duration, with slow transitions between the chords works best. This causes the body to slow down and begin to relax and as and eventually attain an even deeper state of relaxation. The music is initially a very physical experience.

The second component of my music is the binaural audio tones that have been mixed into the structure of the music. The binaural tones, through a process referred to as “entrainment” or “frequency following”, gently directs the body to make more of the brain wave frequencies necessary for either deep relaxation or sleep. The recordings for deep relaxation contain binaural audio tones within the theta range while the recordings for sleep contains binaural audio tones within the delta range.

Our brains emit certain frequencies during the day, 24 hours a day.  While we are awake, alert and working, our brain emits more energy in the beta range, at approximately 14 cycles per second.  When we start to relax and even meditate our brains starts to produce more alpha frequencies, from 7 to 14 cycles per second.  As we start to drift off to sleep our brain moves into the theta range, generating more 4 to 7 cycles per second.  When we eventually go to sleep our brains is producing more delta frequencies than any other, between 1 to 4 cycles per second.  I mix my music with theta frequencies, 5 cycles per second, for helping a person to relax and delta frequencies, 1 cycle per second, for helping them to sleep.

Reading the research on binaural audio tones is very impressive.  Some believe that when a person uses binaural audio tones that the individual is likely to experience positive feelings such as joy, happiness and peace.  Another benefit is that people report feeling deeply relaxed, calm and content.   Then there is the profound effect on a person’s physiology.  When you start to use binaural audio tones your endorphin release goes up, as does the production of serotonin.  Others have claimed that binaural audio tones increases memory, intelligence and creativity.  Research also indicates that the binarual audio tones help with the treatment of individuals suffering from drug and alcohol dependency.

While I currently use my music to help people relax and reduce stress and to help with issues of insomnia and sleep problems I do believe its application is far more than what I am using it for now.  I believe that the music can help individuals with others disorders.  While someone my eventually explore its use in other area, I do believe that helping individuals to relax, to truly relax and as a result reduce stress will help them physically as well as emotionally.  I believe that helping someone sleep better can make a major difference in their life as it will help them to rest and as a result reduce the stress that they experience.

While I do believe that the structure of my compositions are very therapeutic I also know that the use of binaural audio tones takes the recordings to a higher level of effectiveness.  I believe that the combination of the music and binaural audio tones makes the recordings very powerful for help a person transform their life.

I would encourage you to read about the positive effect of  using binaural audio tones.    

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music 

In the Morning I will Consciously Create my Dream with My Word

My work with my Dream starts upon arising.  As soon as I wake up I have begun to create my Dream whether or not I thinking about it overtly or not.  The creation of my day, and with it at some point, my Dream, starts when I open my eyes and become present to awakening.  This is one of the most important parts of the day.  For some it is that part of the day that sets the tone for the rest of the day, for what is to follow.  It is important for me because what I do with this part of my day will effect the work that I eventually do with my Dream.

I have found that it is better to begin to take good care of myself early in the morning, as soon as I wake up.  It is at this point that I have a choice, a choice as to whether or not to be positive or to be negative.  I have always had this choice even when I was not aware of having this choice.  We do have the choice to be positive or negative regardless of whether or not we acknowledge it.  When we get it that early in the day can and does effect the course of the day we can start to create what we say we truly want.  If we are negative early on in the day, in the morning say, it will be more difficult to alter the direction of the day than if you started it out in a positive manner.

I start my day with my gratitude list.  I start my day with acknowledging what I am truly grateful for.  I start my day, as soon as my eyes open, with saying that I am now grateful for my house, my friend, my job, my family and my health.  Having an attitude of gratitude is very important.  Having an attitude of gratitude sets the tone for the morning and day.  Saying what I am grateful for allows me to put out into the universe those things and people that I love and want to continue to have in my life.  The actual saying of the gratitude list is the creation.  The creation is through my word.  I am bringing into existence that which I want to have in my life and I am bringing it into existence through my work and language.

The second thing that I do is to repeat my positive affirmations.  I have 20 positive affirmations that I believe support and enhance my life.  I listen to them every morning for about 15 minutes.  I listen to them with headphones, as they are mixed with relaxation music.  The music relaxes me completely and allows me to be much more receptive to the positive affirmations that I will eventually hear.  After I hear each affirmation, recorded in my voice, I repeat the affirmation out loud.  This process of repeating the positive affirmations over and over allows me to truly learn them, to have them become apart of my life.  The saying of them through my word continues to bring them into existence.  I am my affirmations when I say them.

The third thing that I am practicing is staying present to my word during the day, to what I say throughout the day.  Staying present to what is happening in the moment and also staying aware of my response to what is going on allows me to make a much better choice as to what to say and do in those moments.  Instead of acting and speaking from impulse which much of the time is or would be on the negative side, pausing and staying aware of the moment without action gives me the conscious choice to be positive with my word.  Acting and speaking from impulse is doing so from the past programming, is part of the machine, of how I have always conducted myself.  Being allow of my tendency to act and speak and suspending impulsive behavior gives me the freedom to create what I really do want and not that which is determined from my past.

At the end of the day I repeat the positive affirmation list and what I am grateful for.  I do this just before I go to bed.  Doing my positive affirmations and list of what I am grateful for allows me to take the positive nature of my word into my dream state.  This allows me to continue to be positive as I sleep, allowing my positive word to penetrate into my unconscious mind, into the back drop and context of my life.  Saying my positive affirmations and list of what I am truly grateful for allows the programming to continue as I sleep at night.  All of this is about living my life in harmony and serenity and also, about creating my Dream.

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Patience and Acceptance – Keys to the Transformation of my Dream

In addition to perseverance, I also need to continue to generate patience in my life.  While I know better, I have a tendency to sometimes think that just because I am doing something that something else should show up or happen.  I have a tendency to think that just because I am working hard on the website, my Dream, that people should come to the site and buy my recordings.  I have to give up this expectation, the expectation that something should happen the way that I think it should happen or want it to happen.  While I do believe that people will eventually come to the site and buy the recordings I have to be patient with this process.  It is a work in progress.  Creating patience in my life and especially with respect to my Dream will only help me to bring my Dream into existence, to make it a reality.  I believe that my Dream is slowly being created everyday and that patience will help me to continue to create.

I put a great deal of effort into the website, working on it everyday, getting up early and sometimes going to be late.  This has been this way for many months now with no end in site.  Part of what is involved in having patience is also the notion of acceptance.  When I give up the expectation that the website should be happening the way that I believe it should be or want it to be happening, I can focus myself on what is truly real and happening at the moment, in the now.  Acceptance actually allows me to practice patience with my Dream.  Acceptance truly creates the space for patience to happen.  I can be patient cause I stand in acceptance with respect to where the website is at any moment.  Such an attitude allows me to deal with the website as it truly exists, to make decisions and take action without any emotional upset, to be much more effective at making the Dream a reality.  In the day to day work with my Dream, patience and acceptance work closely and powerfully together.

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

New Recordings of Dr. Henshaw’s Relaxation Music Now On Itunes

The relaxation music, healing music and sleep music of Dr. Harry Henshaw will help you to relax immediately, reduce your stress and sleep peacefully tonight.  Listening to the relaxing music of Dr Harry Henshaw will help you to experience a state of deep relaxation now and sleep soundly tonight.  All recordings of Dr. Henshaw’s relaxation music, healing music and sleep music are very effective, clinically tested, very affordable, high quality MP3 downloads, easily downloaded now, full money back guarantee and contains after purchase support! 

In addition to the recordings on his website,  Dr. Harry Henshaw is now in the process of releasing new recordings on Itunes.  Dr. Henshaw has just completed releasing all of his relaxation music recordings mixed with the nature sounds of the rain and forest on Itunes.  As with the ocean and stream, the gentle, tranquil sounds of nature strengthen and enhance the power of the relaxation music.   These new recordings can only be found on Itunes.  Each recording is over one hour in play time. 

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Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Relaxing Music     Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Relaxing Music

Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Sleep Music     Relaxation music, healing music, relaxing music

Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Relaxing Music     Relaxation Music, Healing music, relaxing music

Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Relaxing Music

Dr Harry Henshaw

Relaxation Music on Itunes

Transformation of the Website, of the Dream

I have almost completed editing the homepage.  As mentioned before, the intention now is to make the focus to be about helping others with relaxation, sleep and self esteem.  I do believe that all of these issues are directly connected to our experience of stress.  When we are stressed out, overwhelmed, we tend to not be able to relax, our sleep is disrupted and we feel bad about ourselves, sometimes leaving us with little if any self esteem or confidence.  Focusing on relaxation music, positive affirmations and hypnotherapy for the sake of themselves and not for how they could be of service to people with stress now makes little sense.  

It is this new insight that I have gotten that is also opening up the creation of new recordings.  The new ideas that I am getting will be with the purpose of helping others to lower, if not eliminate, their stress by learning how to relax, sleep peacefully and feel better about themselves.  I do believe that stress is one of the primary problems that our species has today.  We experience stress in most if not all of the areas of our lives.  Stress can even kill us and does.  Stress is one of the major factors in probably all diseases that we suffer from.  While stress is not necessarily a simple problem, I believe that having a variety of ways to help combat stress will be beneficial.

I believe that if we can learn to be relaxed, if we can learn how to sleep soundly and if we can learn how to love and respect ourselves more that we will be less prone to the damaging effects of stress.  Stress is really the mind and body being at dis-ease.  Learning how to relax, sleep soundly and love yourself will put the balance back in our lives.  Stress only happens because we are out of balance.  I believe that my music can help others to get that balance and harmony back into their lives.  This now is the mission of the website, of my Dream, to transform the world.

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Relaxationships – Positive Affirmation Recording for Healthy Relationships

With the relaxation music of Simple Truth and specially chosen positive affirmations, this recording by Dr Harry Henshaw will help you to create the possibility of  having healthy relationships in your life and also enhance your self esteem. Who we source into our life is greatly influenced by the beliefs and thoughts that we have, by the affirmations that we repeatedly express.  To assist you in your efforts to bring healthy relationships into your life, the Relationships positive affirmation recording combines specially chosen positive affirmations with the therapeutic relaxation music of Dr. Harry Henshaw.  

This recording of positive affirmations and relaxation music also utilizes theta binaural beats or binaural audio tones to further enhance the power of the positive affirmations. The Relationship recording is a 30 minute high quality MP3 download of positive affirmations and holistic, relaxation music to help support you having positive, healthy relationships and improving your self esteem.

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Positive Affirmations on Forgiveness:

I am loving, lovable and loved.

I accept others for who they are and who they are not.

I joyously forgive others and myself and I set myself free from the past.  I am at peace.

I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

I attract loving relationships into my life.

I love.  I am love.

I respect and care about others.

I am grateful for the people in my life.

I deserve love in my life.

I love everything about myself.

Relaxation Music, healing music, relaxing music, sleep music

Dr. Harry Hensahw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music