Three Ways to De-stress and Create Well-Being

The effects and consequences of stress, especially in today’s world, can be devastating. It is estimated that over 70% of those employed suffer from stress related conditions including anxiety and insomnia. Untreated stress can cause major health problems such as ulcers, headaches and hypertension. At the very least it is tiring and can makes getting out of bed in the mornings even tougher than normal!

Fortunately, it appears that the major cause of stress is your perception or way of thinking, something that can be changed. As we know, how you think effects how you feel and also, how you will behave or act.

Emotions are merely the result of having certain thoughts or thinking in a particular way. I feel that the fundamental thinking process of stress is one in which you have a negative perception of yourself. Poor self esteem is a major component in creating stress. And it can be such a vicious cycle to haul yourself out of.

To get things started, the most important question you can ask yourself to increase your wellbeing is: how can I can go about reducing and even eliminating my experience of stress?

The only true and effective way to go about changing a your experience of stress is to change your thinking and in particular, the way a you think about yourself and your life. The experience of stress will be reduced if not eliminated when the you transform your self esteem.  

It is the mission of Enhanced Healing to help you to begin to reduce stress through the use of relaxation music, positive affirmations and hypnotherapy with the goal to help a you improve self esteem.

Below are how three processes that can be used to effectively reduce your stress and reduce or eliminate the possible harmful consequences that can result. And they’re so easy to do.

1.  Music. Listening to music, in particular relaxation music, can help you to reduce stress by directly relaxing your body and also begin to positively change your thinking and thought processes. When you listen to relaxation music your attention is slowly starting to be directed away from what you are thinking about to the experience of the music. As you let the music wash over you, your stress level will start to drop or lessen.

2.  Positive Affirmations. Using positive affirmations will directly affect a your thoughts and beliefs. When you experience stress you tend to be having or thinking negative thoughts.  Listening to positive affirmations starts to imprint positive thoughts into your mind, thoughts that will begin to negate or replace the negative ones. As you are listening to positive affirmations there will be a tendency to focus more on what you are listening to at the moment. 

3.  Guided Imagery. Using guided imagery directly effects that way you think about yourself, others and life in general. Guided imagery will first direct your thoughts towards relaxing and secondly towards altering or changing the structure or way you think about something like a specific event or yourself. As you follow the directions given in guided imagery you will start to think differently about whatever it is that you are focusing on.

When you decide to use relaxation music, positive affirmations and hypnotherapy to reduce your stress it is important to remember a few things:

• The positive and lasting effect of using relaxation music, positive affirmations and guided imagery comes only from their repeated use, daily use. It is important to find time during the day when you will be free and have no distractions.

• Also, when you are listening to the music ensure that you are sitting in a chair or lying down with your eyes closed. Lastly the ideal way to get the full effect is to use quality stereo headphones.

Are you ready to lower your stress level?

In the interest of being of service to those who suffer from stress and anxiety, to be of service to the world, I am going to make available, free of charge, a 30 minute recording of relaxation music.

All that I ask in return is that if you use the relaxation music please report how it makes you feel and the effect that it has on your life. And feel free to pass this recording onto others!  You can contact me through my website at I’d love to hear from you.

Download my free MP3 download of relaxation music here and start relaxing today and every day:

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Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Relaxing Music, Sleep Music

Dr. Harry Henshaw 

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Transforming Fear into Possibility for Myself and My Life

Fear is an emotion that can devastate a person and me in particular.  When I get caught in fear I tend to create stories in my head about how life will be and these stories tend t0 be rather negative in nature.  I tend to always think that the worst will happen to me.  I also start to feel depressed about the future which negatively affects my work in the present, my Dream.  In this depressed state I lose my motivation to create possibility for myself and my life, including My Dream.

It is important that I acknowledge the emotion that I am experiencing, in this case, the fear.  To deny it, to pretend that I am not depressed or that it does not exist, will only continue the negative emotional state.  To deny or pretend that I am not depressed and fearful will keep me from doing the necessary work to transform that state of being.  It is only through acknowledging my present situation that I will begin to create the space to move past it and to transform.  Acknowledging being fearful and depressed is about being honest to oneself and even to another.

For me it is eventually getting it that I am the cause of the emotions that I am experiencing, of the fear that I am having at the moment.  I am fearful because I believe and think negative things about myself and my ability to take care of myself.  I experience fear not because I am having emotions but because I am thinking certain thoughts.  Some of these thoughts are closer to my awareness while others are more hidden from me.  I feel and experience fear because I think that I am not enough and that I can not adequately deal with the situation that life is presenting to me.  I believe that I will fail and not make it in life.

I have to understand further that I make a choice, a choice to believe something  negative about myself or something positive about myself.  It is not about people, places and things but about what I do with the situation, with the meaning that I create about what is happening.  It is totally my choice to create a positive belief about what is happening and myself and it is only from this type of perspective that I will be able to create possibility.  There is no possibility in fear.  There is possibility in my deciding to create a positive thought or belief about what is happening and myself.  I believe that me working with personal positive affirmations that I am making progress towards being about to create possibility on a more consistent basis.

More on this later.  

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Being Fully Committed to Your Dream is The Key

When we are committed to our Dream there are many things that we have to do.  We have to do the work to make the Dream happen, to make it real.  For me this is working on the music, doing marketing, working on the website and a host of other things necessary to make my Dream happen.  For me this also means long hours, waking up early and sometimes going to bed late.

Another thing that I have to do to make my Dream a reality has to do more with me, specifically with my attitude.  For the past few days my attitude has not been that positive.  In fact, it has been more on the negative site.  I have gotten frustrated with the progress that I am making, or not making and with some of the problems that have been happening.  This morning is an example of what I am referring to.  When I woke up I found the website going on and off line.  The resolution to the problem took several hours and the work that I had planned to do did not get done.

The work that must take place with my attitude is simple but sometimes difficult.  I have to stay fully committed to my Dream at times when it is going well and also when it is not going well.  While this is not always easy I know that it will happen, that new challenges will happen and I will be faced with having to work on them until they are resolved or just give up on my Dream.  Sometimes it seems as though it would be easier to just give up, do something else with my life.

However, I am still left with a knowing that the Dream is my passion, it is what I am committed to and that I believe will be the way that I can be of service to the world.  It is this knowing that is a future pull as Dyer mentions, a calling forth to create and be my Dream.  It is this commitment that is what keeps me in the game of the Dream.  Expressing both the job and the frustrations connected to the Dream is so essential to staying committed to the Dream and my life.

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music 

What To Do When Doubt Enters My Dream

While part of the important work for realizing my Dream is to transform my identity, who I think I am, I also have to deal with doubt and some of the negativity that often appears during the day.  There are times, like today, when I was doubting my Dream, doubting  and thinking that I will not be able to accomplish and live my Dream.  The doubt is very strong at times, so strong that I start to think that I should quit, that I should let go of the Dream and move onto to something else.

The doubt that I have been experiencing today is fueled in part by the low sales that the website has been experiencing.  While it seems that I am not alone in this matter, it does seem to impact me.  I know that I am basing my commitment to the Dream on the amount of sales that the site is generating and up until now has been rather low.  As with the transformation of my identity I have to stay focused and committed even when the sales are not as I think they should be.   

I know that part of my work in to stay committed to the Dream even in the face of no payoff.  As I also know I have a tendency to base my level of commitment on the payoff that I receive or think that I should receive from the sales of my music.  When the sales start to happen I feel better and when they do not appear I start to feed bad, and with it the doubt as to my Dream 

I know further that the negative experiences that I have had today are being generated by my self limiting belief, that I am not enough.  It is my opinion that the identity that I know I need to transform will attempt to stop the very process that it will take to transform it.  My self limiting belief does not want to go out of existence but rather wants to continue on and define me as being not enough in life.  It will use the low sales on the website as evidence that I am not enough and that I should give up my Dream.

My work here is to realize what is taking place and as I realize it to stay committed to the Dream.  I have to stay committed even in the face of no financial payoff.  Along with this awareness and intention I must also stay focused on the transformation of my identity and using techniques such as the listening to positive affirmations.  When a person starts to work on transforming his or her self limiting belief and identity sometimes there will be a breakdown, resistance.  

More on this later.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Positive Affirmations for My Personal Transformation

As I have mentioned before, the real work is on transforming my beliefs and thoughts about myself, of who I think I am.  I will continue to do the work on the website and continue to market my music to the world but I know now that I must also work at changing my identity, who I really think I am at a fundamental level.  It is this identity that I have at a fundamental level that is the source of what I attract into my life.  

One of the ways that I am now taking on this work is my listening to positive affirmations.  Recently I choose 20 positive affirmations, recorded them and then mixed them with my relaxation music.  My goal is to listen to my positive affirmations as I am doing work on the site.  Actually, I am listening to them as I write this blog now.

The idea is to get engaged in work for my site while I listen to the positive affirmations playing sort of in the background.  While my attention is now directed towards the writing of this blog, I know that the positive affirmations are playing, sort of in the background.  At some level the positive affirmations become subliminal in nature even though I can hear them and could, if I decided to, listen to them closely and with full awareness.

However, I believe that the positive affirmations will help to transform my identity, helping me to instill positive thoughts and beliefs about myself, as I continue to do the work of the website.  The end result is that I will begin to transform the source of my attracting and with it what I draw into my life.  At some point the positive affirmations will all appear as true and it will be from them that I source the positive things into my life .

Below are listed the positive affirmations that I will listen to daily as I continue to do my work on the website.  Listening to the position affirmations is really the work that I am doing at the moment.

More on this later. 

20 Positive Affirmations that I listen to daily:

1.  I joyously release the past.  I am at peace.

 2.  My body restores itself now to its natural state of good health.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

3.  My income is increasing by one thousand dollars everyday.

4.  I breathe slowly and deeply.

5.  With each breathe that I take I become more relaxed.

6.  I love everything about myself.

7.  I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

8.  I forgive myself and I set myself free from the past.

9.  I love and approve of myself.

10.  I am relaxed, calm and peaceful.

11.  I accept and enjoy the moment, I live in the present.

12.  I trust the process of life.

13.  I am one with all that is and with the power that created me, with Source, with Spirit, with God.

14.  I love who I am.  I love my life.

15.  I am grateful for everyone and everything that I have in my life.

16.  My body is strong and healthy.  I am strong and healthy.

17.  My life and future is abundant and prosperous.

18.  I am intelligent, talented and creative.

19.  I always do my very best.

20.  I am the divine expression of God.  Who I am is Spirit, Source, God.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music    

The Real Work for My Dream

It is very real work that I do in getting my website ready to sell my music to the world.  I wake up early every morning, seven days a week, and begin several hours of either creating new music or editing the website.  My day ends sometimes very late.  There is always something to do to make the site or the music better and I am committed to providing the best music that I can.

I believe that my music is good and that it will do what it was designed to do, to relax people and help them to feel better, more relaxed and peaceful.  I believe that I have done good work with the website and that I am making progress everyday with both my recordings and the presentation of the site.  I believe that I am in the process of helping the world to somehow be different and with the difference to help others to transform their lives.

However, I know that the real work is not the above, that is, the manual labor of taking care of the site and products.  While I do believe that it is important to have high quality recordings for people to consider buying, it equally, if not more important for me to believe that I deserve for people to come to the site and buy the recordings from me.  It is about me believing that I deserve to sell my music to the world.  While I can say that I deserve to have others purchase my music and for me to make a good living from my music, it is my thinking, my negative thinking, that will keep this from happening.

While I am very aware of this happening, of my negative thinking, I tend to not take any steps to transform my thinking, to get my thinking into alignment with what I say I want.  Instead of working on the real issue, the real work, I tend to focus only on the management of the website and the music.  I need to get on this, get on taking a closer look at my thoughts, my thinking, and start to transform my thinking, bringing it into alignment with what I say I want.  The experience my Dream I have to do and be that which is in alignment with that which I say I want.

Staying with the real work is a real challenge.

More on this later.

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Dr Harry Henshaw

The Hypnosis Recording of In The Moment and How It Will Help You

In The Moment was my second hypnosis recording that I created and produced.  The primary purpose of this recording is to teach you how to relax deeply and be in the moment.  The exercise is about learning a technique or process of relaxing your body, of breathing and letting your body relax deeply.

 As with the other hypnosis recordings, In The Moment also uses my therapeutic relaxation music, music that will create an audio environment that will enhance the process that you are in the process of learning.  The relaxation music will allow you to go even deeper into relaxation.

 As with Sound Sleeping, In The Moment has two tracks, one for learning the technique or process and another for practicing the technique by yourself.  As with Sound Sleeping, In The Moment also uses subliminal programming, with the word “relax” spoken below the ambient level of the recording.  The word “relax” acts as a command to your subconscious mind.

After you have practiced the process or technique on In The Moment and begin to use the relaxation music alone, you will find that when you start to play the music by itself that you will begin to experience relaxation almost immediately.  This is because the relaxation music becomes a trigger or anchor for you to begin to relax deeply.  So when you believe you do not have the time to do the exercise but need to relax you can play the relaxation music alone and as a result will relax, reducing your stress.   

Relaxation Music, Relaxing Music, Healing Music, Sleep Music

Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Relaxing Music, Sleep Music

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music