The Nature of My Music, Continued.

I believe that my music will definitely help you to relax.   It is when you are able to relax that you will begin the healing process of reducing and even reversing the negative effects of stress.  The stress that we create can cause a variety of damaging consequences for us, for our bodies and even our environment and the people that live in it with us.

I also believe that the real cause of stress is to be found with our thinking, with our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.  Experiencing stress is merely the outcome of thinking certain thoughts and having certain beliefs especially those that you have about yourself.  When we have certain thoughts we generate fear and anxiety, the foundation of stress.  The more we keep the thinking process that caused the stress the more stress we will have.

If you were to listen to the music for 30 days and followed certain suggestions on how to use or listen to the music you would be able to feel more relaxed during the day, even when  you were not listening to the music.  Listening to the music for 30 minutes allows your body and even your mind to start to be quiet and calm.  The more you listen to the music, that is, on a daily basis, the more relaxed your body will be and stay throughout the day.

I am also using my music with positive affirmations and hypnotherapy scripts to continue this process of helping you to change and transform your life.  The positive affirmations and hypnosis recordings focus on the essential core of people haivng and continuing to have stress in their life, that is, to the underlying thought or thinking process.  While positive and affirmations can be extremely powerful, it is the music that will create the space for the thoughts and beliefs to be able to transform your life.

relaxing music, sleep musicDr. Harry Henshaw

The Nature of My Relaxation Music

One of the things that comes up from time to time is the way my relaxation music sounds to people who listen to it.  Some people state that my recordings all sounds the same and that there is no variety.  To some degree, even though each recording is unique to itself, this is true, they do sound very similar.

My goal is to give people a simple tool that they can use to relax, to reduce and relieve the stress of daily life.  The music that I have created is specially designed to do just that.  I believe that it is the structure of the music that is important and that which will relax you if it is used the way it has been designed.  The unique design of my music is the same and as a result will create the perception that they all of the recordings sound the same.  

First of all, the tempo of all of my music is very slow.   All of the recordings follow the same structure, with the chords about 12 to 13 seconds in length with about 3 second progressions between the chords.  Such a structure will create a very slow pace for the listener and as a result extremely effective for creating a state of relaxation.

Second, is the binaural audio tones that have been added to the music.  The binaural tones help produce a very deep sense of relaxation.  Theta frequencies are add for the relaxation music and delta frequencies are added for the sleep music.  It is the combined use of the same structure and binaural audio tones that creates the perception that all of the music is very similar, if not the same.

My purpose is to create therapeutic relaxation music and sleep music that will help you to relax and at the same time reduce stress.  I am not so much interested in creating music that has a lot of variety at the expense of losing the structure that is so very effective.  What is important is that you find a recording that you like, that you can devote time to each day to help you relax.

My music is not so much for entertainment as it is to help you relax and relieve your stress.  In this very important sense it is therapeutic.  It is the similar structure of the recordings that creates the perception that the recording all sound the same even though they are not the same.

relaxation music, sleep music, relaxing musicDr. Harry Henshaw



Staying True to My Commitment to Transform My Life

When I take on changing or transforming my life I have an initial moment of motivation, working hard to do things, sometimes for several days or even weeks.  It appears that this motivations become less and almost stops at some point, especially when I believe that my efforts are not being rewarded.  Staying true to my commitment to transform my life requires dedication even when things are not going the way that I want or think they should be.  This is sometimes a very difficult task.  

Becoming aware of my frustration at these times, and sometimes even the anger, is very important for me.  For me the awareness of these negative emotions and feelings gives me the possibility of giving them up and eventually releasing them, not allowing myself to be caught up in the emotional storm that could happen.  I will experience them and sometimes find myself entertaining thoughts of actually giving up my Dream.  It is at this point that I have to recommit to my Dream, to the possibilities that I can to create for myself and even my family.  Sometimes the renewal of my commitment is based on faith alone.

To help stay out of this negative space I have been doing a few things and working on doing them consistently.  One is the listen to my individualized positive affirmation CD that I created for myself a few months ago.  I listen to this recording for 30 minutes a day now and do it at a time when I will not be distracted with anything.  I am also working on exploring other avenues of presenting my music and work to the world and not keeping it solely to my website.  What I am learning is that I have to take total responsibility for what is happening, stay out of blame and that if I am to achieve my Dream I will have to stay open to trying new things and just not giving up when live does not show up the way I think it should.  There is much to say for sheer determination to move through the obstacles of life.

Relaxation Music, Sleep Music

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Comments about Committing to Reinventing Myself

One of the things that I have believed for years is how important our thinking is to how our life will show up for us.  I have read about this, I talk about it to others, and even use it in my work in counseling work.  I sometimes preach it to others in some of the groups counseling sessions that I do.  However, I have never truly used this knowledge in my life, have not made it apart of my personal wisdom and given it my full commitment. 

I also keep wondering why my life keeps showing up the same way.  Not that my life is bad as I do have a great deal to be grateful for.  What I am referring to is why my life continues to be as it is and does not truly excel in several of the domains of my life.  While I do believe in acceptance I am referring to me being able to achieve my true potenial.  I have not truly gotten that there is a relationship between how my life is being lived and my thoughts or thinking process.      

I believe it is time for me to truly begin to apply the notion that my thoughts are important and that which is directing my life.  I need to not only enbrace this notion but truly apply it to my life, let it become part of my true wisdom.

Relaxation Music, Sleep MusicDr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music