Believing In Yourself and Your Dream

My Dream is about working with my music to help transform the world.  I want to create relaxing music to help people be healthy and reduce stress.  I also want to create positive affirmation and hypnosis recordings to help people transform how they think and feel about themselves.  I believe that I have the ability to achieve and live my Dream.  Usually the success with respect to my Dream is not about my ability per se but about my confidence, about believing in myself, about knowing that I can do it.  Especially when I am not receiving the rewards of the Dream, I have a tendency to doubt my ability, that maybe I am not capable of living the Dream.  It is at these times that I have to reaffirm my commitment to the Dream and my faith in myself, faith that my Dream will become my Life if I only stay the course.

I have faith that my Dream will become a reality, that I can create it fully, that I can make a living from my own creations, that I can help others to transform, to feel more relaxed and be healthy.  I believe that I can do, I know that I can do it and it is staying in this space that is vital to the Dream becoming a reality.  Staying in the space to create the Dream is about me affirming everyday that I can do it.  Believing in myself, believing in my ability is what will make the Dream become my life.  Keeping the faith is daily work, something that starts when I wake up in the morning, something that I have to continue to create for myself all during the day.

Relaxing Music, positive affirmations and hypnosisDr. Harry Henshaw

Staying With Your Dream – Being Willing and Open Minded

Staying with your dream is not always an easy thing to do.  There are times when I want to stop, simply give up my Dream.  It is at those times that I find the commitment to continue, to stay with my dream, even though it is not showing up the way that I want or think that it should.  Simply stated, it is about not giving up on the Dream itself regardless of what is going on or happening with the outcome.

Part of what keeps me committed to my Dream is the willingness to try new things, to stay open to new possibilities as to what to do to keep the Dream alive.  Specifically, I stay open to the possibility that I need help and that others may be able to help me create my Dream.  Having a willingness and an open mindedness to new information and knowledge is so important if not absolutely vital.  It is the being open to new ideas and thoughts and willing to consider using them that helps to keep the Dream alive.

I have to constantly give up that I know everything about my Dream and that I am right with respect to how the Dream should be.  When I give up being right and knowing everything I am able to walk into the space of being willing and open minded.

More on this later.

Relaxing Music, Sleep Music, Meditation MusicDr. Harry Henshaw