Positive Affirmations and Relaxation Music for Sleep

Getting proper sleep can help you to manage the stress of your life.  Getting proper sleep can reduce the amount of stress that you would otherwise experience due to having difficulity sleeping.  There are a number of ways to help with your stress level, using positive affirmations being one of them.

Positive affirmations can be used to enhance your sleep experience. Combined with relaxation music, positive affirmations for sleep can be very effective in helping you have a sound sleep at night. The following are positive affirmations that you could use to help you to have gentle, restful sleep.

1. I fall asleep easily and peacefully.

2. My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.

3. I sleep in peace and wake up in joy.

4. I sleep deeply and peacefully every night.

5. I breathe slowly and deeply.

6. With each breathe that I take I become more relaxed.

7. I am relaxed, calm and peaceful.

8. I am safe and pretoected at all times. I trust the process of life.

9. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

10. I am very relaxed, I am very sleep now.

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Leaving What Is Familiar To Create New Possibility

Sometimes when I go about making changes in my life I know that I may have to leave something that is very familiar to me.  I can become very comfortable in certain areas of my life, my current work or current job being one of them.  When I contemplated and eventually decided to leave my job, I found that it was, at least initially, a very uncomfortable feeling.  I know that what I am leaving is something that has given me a alot of comfort and a sense of safety in the past.

However, what has helped me to make the change and leave that which is now familiar is to stop and think about not making any change and to stay with that which is familiar, to stay with my current job.  When I do this sort of evaluation the message is very clear.  When I allow myself to experience the same, that which has become familiar, and think about staying at my current job, I get it that change must happen in order for me to continue to grow and evolve as a person.

I am also leaving a work position that I have been in for almost 12 years.  I have become very familar with my current position, so much so that it has given me a sense of security.  However, I am more than just familiar with this job and as such it has led me to become very complacent in my work and life in general.  Such complacency has created a feeling of being stuck in my life and with it no possibility for growth.

I know that I must leave what is familar to create new possibility for myself and my life.

More on this later.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Staying Present to My Thinking and Choosing What I Want

My tendency each day to go back to some sort of negativity in my life is very strong.  This negativitiy to which I refer can and does exist on many different levels of intensity.  Some things I am mildly negative about and others I am quite passionate about.  The common thread is for me to be negative and to put something or someone down, to make them wrong in some way, leaving me in the final anlysis, right.  It is all about me trying to create better self esteem for myself, even if it means at the expense of another person.

At this point in my transformation and for much of this week I am working on staying present and aware of my conversation with others and even with myself.  When I find the conversation turning negative I have been working on letting it go and in some cases literally walking away and saying something positive to myself about some other matter.  The basic idea is to notice the negativity before it gets out of control and then to do something different to alter the direction that the thinking process is starting to take.

I know that I can not do anything to change a negative thought.  All I can do is to stop or let go of being negative and create something positive.  Negative can not be fixed.  I can decide to create and be positive.

More on this later.

Dr.  Harry Henshaw

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What I Believe To Be True

Some have recently said that I do not charge enough for my music and recordings.  While this is probably true given the competition, I believe that the purpose for which I do my work and create my music is to be of service to others, to help people live their life more powerfully.  Being able to manage stress is one way that someone can live life in a more harmonous way.

I believe that stress is one of the most devastating issues or problems that is facing us today.  Stress has been linked to many disorders, both physical and emotional in nature.  I believe that my music can help people to manage and even reduce their stress level, the stress that they experience on a daily basis.

By keeping my prices lower I believe that  allows many more people to be able to access the power of my relaxation music, the power for helping them to deal with their stress. I would rather help 100,000 people than 1000.  Some people simply can not afford the high prices for such music.  While I may make more money by increasing my prices I believe that what matters is being of help to others in need.  If someone is not able to afford even my low prices I do make it available.

More on this subject later.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Staying Positive About Life and Myself

I have a tendency to be negative at times.  I sometimes tend to think the worst or atleast believe that things will not work out the way that I say I want.  I am now fully aware of the part that my mind and thinking plays in determining my experiences.  My work is to transform this fundational process that has everything to do with my experiences.  My work lately is to be positive about my life and myself.

The work is to catch myself as I begin to enter the negativity.  To catch myself and not fully become consumed by the negative thoughts and thinking process but to become aware and let it go.  As I let go I also create something positive to focus on or think about.  Staying present to my thinking and thoughts is so important and work.

However, I am committed to turning the process around and beginning to create what I say I want out of life.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Four New Meditation Music Albums from Enhanced Healing

I would like to announce the release of four new albums.  These albums contain my meditation music and the nature sounds of the ocean, forest, rain and a stream.  These new releases are all albums and contain five tracks in each album.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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A New Beginning in Self Transformation

To transform my life I know that I have to alter the thoughts that I have.  This is where it all begins and eventually ends.  I have recently become present to the negativity that runs through me, run through my thoughts.  I sometimes wonder why my Dream has not been realized and now I believe that it is because I stop it from becoming a reality by the very thinking that I engage in on a daily basis.  I have simply not applied what I believe and know to be a reality about our condition.

What I am doing now to alter my path is to create a new beginning, a beginning of monitoring my thoughts and constantly work at giving up the negative thoughts and especially the words that I say and only, express positive things about others and myself.  When I feel the urge to express something negative I am working at not expressing it, noticing it and then express something positive either about the other person that I was becoming negative towards or myself.

More on this later.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing