Individualized Positive Affirmation Program – Meditation Music and Positive Affirmations for Treating Addicts and Alcoholics

The Cornerstone Recovery Center is a residential treatment program and intensive outpatient program that treats addicts and alcoholics.  Cornerstone Recovery Center is devoted to providing the best possible care and treatment for those suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Cornerstone Recovery Center is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The Cornerstone Recovery Center is currently using a very innovative treatment modality to help addicts and alcoholics to stop using drugs and alcohol and become healthy and responsible individuals.  While the 12 step program is very important foundation for addicts and alcoholics to utilize in their recovery, there are a variety of other holistic treatment modalities used at Cornerstone Recovery Center to help them transform their life.
One of the most innovative treatment modalities currently being used at Cornerstone Recovery Center  is the Individualized Positive Affirmation Program.  The Individualized Positive Affirmation program was first developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw, the Program Director at Cornerstone.  Dr. Henshaw is both a licensed psychotherapist and musician.
The Individualized Positive Affirmation program is a holistic treatment modality that is used only at the Cornerstone Recovery Center.  Created by Dr. Henshaw, the Individualized Positive Affirmation program helps addicts and alcoholics to begin to change their self esteem and the basic structure of how they perceive of themselves by using  positive affirmations and meditation music.  The special meditation music that is used in this program was also created by Dr. Henshaw and has been specially designed to help the client experience a very deep state of relaxation.  Once in this relaxed state the addict or alcoholic will begin to listen to positive affirmations that he or she choose and also, and most important, recorded in his or her own voice.  Once the client is relaxed the positive affirmations will begin to transform the client’s beliefs and thoughts about himself.  Dr. Henshaw’s music is also used to help treat addicts with anxiety issues and even depression. 
Each client at the Cornerstone Recovery Center is given the opportunity to use this very powerful treatment modality in his or her overall treatment plan.  Clients also have the ability to take their individualized positive affirmation recording with them when they are discharged from Cornerstone.  Continuing to listen to and utilize the individualized positive affirmation recording after treatment is very important.  Follow up visits are also available to help monitor the client’s success with this very innovative treatment modality.  For more information about Dr. Henshaw’s Individualized Positive Affirmation Program and how it is used at Cornerstone Recovery Center please visit our website at or call Dr. Harry Henshaw at 1.888.711.0354

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Prescription for Health

Prescription for Health is seven recordings that have been combined to help you relax, reduce your stress, and improve your sleep, self esteem and health.  This is a very special offering.  

Three of the recordings are to help you relax and reduce your stress, Fantasia, Clarity with the Ocean and Cosmic Reflection with a guided introduction.  

One of the recordings is designed to help you sleep, Gentle Dream.  

Three of the recordings have been developed to help you improve your self esteem and confidence, Inner Transformation, Confidence and My Future.  

Prescription for Health is a very special offering with over 3 1//2 hours of play time for only $6.95.  That is less that one dollar per recording.

For more information about each recording simply click on the picture of the recording that you would like to learn more about.

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Relaxation Music, Relaxing Music

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Positive Affirmations, confidence, self esteem

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Two New Recordings from Enhanced Healing for Improving Self Esteem

I would like to announce the release of two new recordings, both designed to help improve self esteem and confidence.

The first recording is Self Esteem.  This recording has three tracks.  Two of the tracks are with positive affirmations and relaxation music.  The third track is a subliminal recording for improving self esteem.  Self Esteem is over two hours of play time and is only $3.99.

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The second recording is Inner Transformation.  Inner Transformation is a recording of positive affirmation and relaxation music for improving self esteem and confidence.  There are two tracks on this recording, one 30 minute and one 60 minutes.  Inner Transformation is 90 minutes of play time and is only $2.99.

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Interventions, Detox and Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Problems

The Cornerstone Recovery Center can provide you and your family with immediate intervention, detox and treatment services for individuals suffering from the abuse and dependency upon drugs and alcohol.

Interventions – Sometimes individuals and families need the assistance of trained professionals to help them move past the denial of addiction and be open and willing to receive help.  Cornerstone Recovery Center provides this valuable service to individual and families who desperately require it. 

Detox – Once the decision has been made by the individual and family to receive help, detox services may be necessary.  Detox services help the individual through the withdrawal process while being medically monitored to ensure the safety of the person.

Treatment – Once detox is completed treatment services are needed to help the individual avoid going back to using drug or alcohol.  Treatment services include individual counseling, group counseling, 12 step education and training, hypnosis, supervised housing and a variety of other services specially designed to help the individual begin to live a life free of addiction.

In addition to treating the drug and alcohol addiction, Cornerstone Recovery Center also provides mental health counseling and treatment for depression, anxiety and other conditions that sometimes accompany drug and alcohol addiction. 

Cornerstone Recovery Center also provides a free drug and alcohol evaluation.  For more information about the free evaluation please call Dr. Harry Henshaw at the center at 888-711-0354 or his cell phone at 305-498-3442.

Cornerstone Recovery Center can help you and your family to break free from the life of drug and alcohol addiction.  Please call us at 888-711-0354 to let us help you change your life or the life of someone that you love.  Please visit our website for additional information about our program and services and how we can help you and your family

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New Program Director at Cornerstone Recovery Center

Dr. Harry Henshaw is now the new Program Director of Cornerstone Recovery Center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In keeping with our philosophy, Cornerstone Recovery offers a bevy of services intended to create a lifestyle of recovery. By addressing a patient’s past, present, and future needs, we create specially individualized treatment plans under the umbrella of our suite of services. Our treatment facility seeks to affirm South Florida’s community of recovery by offering residential services, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programs, all of which integrate relapse prevention as a tenet of treatment.

Cornerstone further incorporates positive lifestyle practices such as nutritional counseling in an effort to foster the positive action necessary upon which to build lifelong sobriety and recovery. We firmly believe in our process of integrating individual client needs within the services we offer so as to properly address drug and alcohol addiction treatment as it relates to the identified client and the support system so heavily vested in his or her recovery.

To Learn More about Cornerstone Recovery Center and to receive a Free Recording of Meditation Music please call Mr. Ryan Johnston or Dr. Harry Henshaw at 888-711-0354.

Click Here to Learn More about Cornerstone Recovery Center

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Free Evaluation for Drug and Alcohol Addiction from Cornerstore Recovery Center

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Cornerstone Recovery Center is a 32 bed PHP and Intensive Outpatient Program program for recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Cornerstone Recovery offers addiction treatment services that confront substance abuse with a multi-faceted approach intended to nurture a lifestyle of recovery.

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For more information about Cornerstone Recovery Center or a Free Evaluation for Substance Dependency please call Dr. Harry Henshaw at 888-771-0354.