Prescription for Health – New Treatment Program for Alcoholics and Addicts

Prescription for Health is a new treatment program that I have developed for helping addicts and alcoholics to stay clean and sober.  Prescription for Health is a special program that uses music, therapeutic relaxation and meditation music, to help addicts and alcoholics to first reduce their stress.  Once a person’s stress level is lowered that individual will be much more open and willing to learn how to stay clean and sober by following suggestions.

Prescription for Health also helps the addict and alcoholic to improve their self esteem.  By using therapeutic relaxation music and specially selected positive affirmations addicts and alcoholics will begin to change their sense of self from one that is fundamentally negative to one that is very positive.  Once a person’s self image starts to improve that individual will start to live life differently.  Instead of a living a life of destruction and not caring about themselves or others, the recovering addict and alcoholic will begin to believe in himself and will want to have a positive, happy life, one free from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

In addition to helping the addict and alcoholic learn how to reduce stress and improve his or her self esteem, Prescription for Health will also help the addict and alcoholic to start to let go of the past, create a healthy future that will bring happiness and peace and also help the individual to maintain the progress that he or she has created for themselves with Prescription for Health.

Prescription for Health is now being used exclusively with the addicts and alcoholics that are being treated for drug and alcohol addiction at the Cornerstone Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  For more information on the Prescription for Health treatment program please call me, Dr. Harry Henshaw, at  888-711-0354 or visit our website at, addict, alcoholic, drugs, alcohol, relaxation music, meditation, sleep music, stress  

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