Relaxation – First Stage of Prescription for Health for Addicts and Alcoholics

The first stage of using Prescription for Health to treat alcoholics and addicts is relaxation.  The relaxation stage is implemented by using my therapeutic relaxation music to help an addict or alcoholic begin to experience a very deep state of relaxation.  For 30 minutes a day the client listens to the therapeutic relaxation music and relaxes.  This process is repeated two to three times a week to start.

Eventually a brief guided introduction is added to the experience of the therapeutic relaxation music.  The addition of the guided introduction is to help the client go even deeper into relaxation and to prepare him or her for the hypnotic suggestions that would follow in the program.  The use of the therapeutic relaxation music and guided introduction would continue  during the rest of the relaxation stage. 

The therapeutic relaxation music that I have created is specially developed to help a person relax deeply.  Each recording uses two component to help a person experience a very deep state of relaxation.  The first is the structure of the music itself.  The second is the use of binaural audio tones.  When these two elements are combined the experience is extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

The value of helping an addict or alcoholic to relax is that it will lower his or her stress level.  When a client’s stress level is lowered he or she is more likely to do the work necessary to change or transform their lives.  The relaxation experience produced by the therapeutic relaxation music can be utilized by the addict and alcoholic throughout treatment and even when they are discharged and have to deal with life on life’s terms, another important tool to have in their recovery plan.

The Prescription for Health program is currently being used only at Cornerstone Recovery Center.  For more information about the Prescription for Health treatment program for alcoholic and addicts please contact me, Dr. Harry Henshaw, at 305-498-3442 or visit my website at Enhanced Healing,

If you are interested in utilizing some of the therapeutic relaxation music in Prescription for Health you can learn more about it by clicking here:  Prescription for Health

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