My Personal Inner Transformation of Relaxation Music and Positive Affirmations

When you listen to a certain recording repeatedly, especially relaxation music that was designed to relax you, you will become relaxed every time you listen to it.  The more you practice relaxation or meditation with a particular recording the stronger the relaxation response.  As you begin to listen to that recording again and again you become relaxed almost instantly.  As you have mastered this process, of relaxing while listening to a particular recording, when you add positive affirmations the creation of positive language in your mind has an advantage.  Every morning I listen to 60 minutes of relaxing music mixed with positive affirmations, my affirmations in my voice.  This recording is Inner Transformation.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Relaxation Music to Relax and Use with Positive Affirmations

The ideal way to use positive affirmations to transform your life is to use them in your own voice. Prior to using positive affirmations in your voice is the practice of relaxation. As we know, learning to relax effectively allows for the possibility of the positive affirmations to change or transform your thinking process. I have found that when a person learns to relax using relaxation music that the possibility of using positive affirmations effectively increases. This is especially true if the same music is used, that is, the same relaxation music for learning to relax and help with the installation of the positive affirmations.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Anchoring Allows Relaxation into Daily Life

I inform people that they can bring the relaxation experience into their life and teach them how to use it when necessary. If the person practices the relaxation process long enough they can create an anchor that will allow them to experience the relaxation and calm when they need it but without the formal nature of the relaxation technique itself. For example, one way to teach a person to relax is with relaxation music. In the training the individual will listen to music and relax his or her body. As the individual is listening to the music they will also gently hold their left wrist with their right hand. As this anchor gets paired with the experience of relaxation from the music, when the individual needs to relax all he has to do is hold his or her wrist and the individual will feel the sense of deep relaxation, without having to use the music.

Dr. Harry Henshaw


Relaxation Helps Positive Affirmations to Improve Self Esteem

One of the projects that I have initiated at my counseling office is that first indiivduals are taught how to relax. The process of learning how to be relaxed does take time. As clients become more relaxed and are able to practice the relaxation techniques that they are taught, they are more open to learning new thoughts and ideas. Once a person is able to get relaxed positive affirmations designed to improve self esteem can be used. The positive affirmations are much more effective if listened to from a relaxed state.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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Relaxation Allows the Possibility of Positive Thoughts

When we are not relaxed our mind may be racing with thoughts that would actualy block or limit the entrance of new thoughts. The process of relaxation slows down our thoughts and thought process. As our thoughts slow down we are able to consider the possibility of other thoughts, even more positive thoughts.

Dr. Harry Henshaw


Relaxation is the Key to Changing Your Thinking

Being able to be relaxed and stress free is one of the keys to being able to change your thoughts and thinking pattern. Practicing relaxation allows the mind to be open to change.  Being relaxed lets the mind accept new and even positive thoughts.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

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