Four New Audio Products: Reducing Anxiety and Stress and Improving Self Esteem with Relaxation Music

There are four new audio products that I have just released on the website, Enhanced Healing,  These four new audio products were designed to help a person reduce anxiety and stress and to improve their self esteem.  Each audio product uses different therapeutic music.

These audio products are unique in the sense that each contains three recordings and were initially designed to be used in a specific sequence.  Each audio recording is 40  minutes in length and it is suggested that the recordings be listened to daily and in the suggested sequence, from the first recording to the third one.

The first goal of each audio product is to help a person relax deeply and thereby assist them in reducing their anxiety and stress.  This is accomplished by listening to the first recording of each audio product everyday for several weeks.  The first recording of each audio product is my therapeutic relaxation music combined with a guided introduction by me.  When a person learns how to relax and be at ease he or she will be more open to learning and changing their life.

The second goal of each audio product is to assist a person in improving his or her self esteem, self worth, confidence and to help them to create a positive future.  This is accomplished by listening to the second recording everyday for several weeks.  The second recording of each audio product is positive affirmations combined with my therapeutic relaxation music.  As the music on recording two is the same as that on recording one, the individual will begin to relax almost immediately and as a result be open and receptive to the positive affirmations that will presented.  The more relaxed a person is the more receptive they are to suggestions and positive affirmations.

The third recording of each audio product is therapeutic music alone.  This recording can be listened to at any time, during the mornings, at work on a break or in the evenings.  When a person listens to this recording after listening to recording one and two the person will experience deep relaxation and the effect of the positive affirmations.  Recording three will reinforce a person’s experiences from recording one and two.

Check out each audio product below.  Each audio product is only $4.95.  The is a full money back guarantee with all four of these audio products.  If you are not satisfied with the recordings your money will be returned no questions asked and you will be able to keep the recordings too.

Dr. Harry Henshaw 

Deep Relaxation and a Positive Future

Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music

Deep Relaxation and Self Esteem

positive affirmations, relaxation music, self esteem

Deep Relaxation and Confidence

positive affirmations, confidence, self esteem, relaxation music

Deep Relaxation and Self Worth

Self esteem, Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations