Therapeutic Music Program for the Treatment of Addiction


I.  Therapeutic Music Program 

Music has been used for many centuries to promote a sense of health, wellness and wellbeing.  Music can be a very powerful alternative therapy for changing thinking, feelings, ones emotional state, behavior and even an individual’s life.  Music can help a person to experience deep relaxation and serenity, reduce the experience and effects of stress, promote a peaceful, restful sleep, and even begin to generate physical healing.  When combined with other holistic therapies such as positive affirmations and hypnotherapy or hypnosis, music can also be used to help improve self-esteem and further personal growth and transformation in many areas of a person’s life.   

 As a licensed psychotherapist and musician, I have developed a unique brand of therapeutic music that has been proven effective in helping a person experience a very deep state of relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleeping and self-esteem.  While the music was initially created for my counseling and hypnosis practice, it is currently being used at major residential treatment and detox centers to assist in the treatment of those suffering from drug and alcohol dependency.  One therapeutic goal of the music is to help clients learn how to relax and as a result reduce their anxiety and stress.  A second goal of music is to help addicts and alcoholics to improve their confidence and overall self-esteem thereby treating their depression.  

The therapeutic music program can be used by anyone suffering from addiction, whether in a treatment program or not.  The music can be used by anyone who desires to be clean and sober or by any treatment program or facility that treats addicts and alcoholics who are struggling and suffering from their addiction.  The therapeutic music program is made even more effective when it is initially combined with the vibroacoustic therapy lounge. The lounge is a devise that lets an individual experience the power of the music programming.  Due to the unique nature of the therapeutic music and the structure of the treatment session suggested, each session can be a billable service to a client both in a residential setting and on an outpatient basis.  

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing

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Vibroacoustic Therapy can Reduce Your Stress and Improve Health

Learn More about how Vibroacoustic therapy can effectively reduce your stress and anxiety and as a result also improve your health.  When a person learns how to relax and reduce our stress he will create the possibility that he can improve his health.  Reducing stress and the negative impact that it has is one of the keys to improving our health.  To Learn More about how the vibroacoustic treatment can help you please click here aaaaaaaaa 2

Sound Pillow Sleep System from Enhanced Healing

The Sound Pillow® is an incredible breakthrough in personal audio. The plush, hypoallergenic pillow has two virtually undetectable speakers buried inside and engineered for total comfort and great stereo sound. Simply plug the pillow’s standard headphone jack into your personal listening device (CD player, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, sound machine, laptop, etc.), lay back and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. And, the Sound Pillow is roommate friendly – you can use the pillow and not disturb your roommate or bed partner.Want a complete sleep system pre-loaded with the best sleep music available? Then the Sound Pillow Sleep System is for you! It is our latest innovation, earning rave reviews from tinnitus sufferers, addiction recovery professionals and their clients.

The Sound Pillow Sleep System pairs the Sound Pillow with a user-friendly MP3 player pre-loaded with 18 one hour tracks of sleep-inducing binaural music, nature sounds, and white, pink and blue noise. The music was specifically designed to slow down the brain, helping you relax, fall asleep and stay asleep. The system is an affordable, holistic solution for sleep deprivation caused by tinnitus, past traumatic experiences, anxiety, addiction, and the stresses of everyday life.

All of the relaxation music used in the Sound Pillow Sleep System was created by Dr. Harry Henshaw.  For more information please click here:


New Positive Affirmation Recordings with Hypnosis on Enhanced Healing

I have added six new positive affirmation recordings to the website.

These recordings are unique from the other recordings.  First they all have a guided hypnotic introduction added to them.  The hypnosis will help to enhance the effect of the positive affirmations.  Second they are 40 minutes in length.

Each new positive affirmation recording is still only $2.95 with a full money back guarantee.  If you are not fully satisfied your money will be refunded in full, no questions asked.

To learn more and to listen to the new positive affirmation recording click here:


The New Enhanced Healing with Music for Stress!

I have reformatted all of the relaxation music recordings on the website. This would also include all of the relaxation music that is combined with nature sounds, the ocean, stream, rain and forest,

I know that if you use my music on a consistent basis that it will begin to relax you immediately and also, with continued use, help you to improve your emotional and physical health.

My music has been and is currently being used in clinical settings, to help people to relax and reduce stress.  I also use my music when I do counseling and stress reduction training with individuals.

Listening to my music is a natural way to relax and does not involve the use of any type of medication. The more you use the music the more relaxed you become and the easier it will be for you to relax, especially when you listen to the music over and over.

My relaxation music is also presented with a guided hypnotic introduction that will further assist your efforts to relax and be stress free.

Please visit my visit website and listen to the music.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact my either by email or phone.

There is an absolute money back guarantee on all of my recordings, if you do not like the music for any reason your money will be refunded in full, no questions asked.

Please visit my website at

Dr. Harry Henshaw


Four New Audio Products: Reducing Anxiety and Stress and Improving Self Esteem with Relaxation Music

There are four new audio products that I have just released on the website, Enhanced Healing,  These four new audio products were designed to help a person reduce anxiety and stress and to improve their self esteem.  Each audio product uses different therapeutic music.

These audio products are unique in the sense that each contains three recordings and were initially designed to be used in a specific sequence.  Each audio recording is 40  minutes in length and it is suggested that the recordings be listened to daily and in the suggested sequence, from the first recording to the third one.

The first goal of each audio product is to help a person relax deeply and thereby assist them in reducing their anxiety and stress.  This is accomplished by listening to the first recording of each audio product everyday for several weeks.  The first recording of each audio product is my therapeutic relaxation music combined with a guided introduction by me.  When a person learns how to relax and be at ease he or she will be more open to learning and changing their life.

The second goal of each audio product is to assist a person in improving his or her self esteem, self worth, confidence and to help them to create a positive future.  This is accomplished by listening to the second recording everyday for several weeks.  The second recording of each audio product is positive affirmations combined with my therapeutic relaxation music.  As the music on recording two is the same as that on recording one, the individual will begin to relax almost immediately and as a result be open and receptive to the positive affirmations that will presented.  The more relaxed a person is the more receptive they are to suggestions and positive affirmations.

The third recording of each audio product is therapeutic music alone.  This recording can be listened to at any time, during the mornings, at work on a break or in the evenings.  When a person listens to this recording after listening to recording one and two the person will experience deep relaxation and the effect of the positive affirmations.  Recording three will reinforce a person’s experiences from recording one and two.

Check out each audio product below.  Each audio product is only $4.95.  The is a full money back guarantee with all four of these audio products.  If you are not satisfied with the recordings your money will be returned no questions asked and you will be able to keep the recordings too.

Dr. Harry Henshaw 

Deep Relaxation and a Positive Future

Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music

Deep Relaxation and Self Esteem

positive affirmations, relaxation music, self esteem

Deep Relaxation and Confidence

positive affirmations, confidence, self esteem, relaxation music

Deep Relaxation and Self Worth

Self esteem, Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations

Inner Transformation – My Personal Positive Affirmations

My Personal Positive Affirmations for Transformation – I do believe in the transformative power of using positive affirmations. Below are listened the affirmations that I am currently working with each morning. To enhance the effectiveness of affirmations I recorded them in my voice and mixed them with my therapeutic relaxation music. I listen to them with headphones.

1. I joyously release the past. I am at peace.

2. My body restores itself now to its natural state of good health. I am perfect, whole and complete.

3. My income is increasing by one thousand dollars everyday.

4. I breathe slowly and deeply.

5. With each breathe that I take I become more relaxed.

6. I love everything about myself.

7. I love and accept myself exactly as I am now.

8. I forgive myself and I set myself free from the past.

9. I love and approve of myself.

10. I am relaxed, calm and peaceful.

11. I accept and enjoy the moment, I live in the present.

12. I trust the process of life.

13. I am one with all that is and with the power that created me, with Source, with Spirit, with God.

14. I love who I am. I love my life.

15. I am grateful for everyone and everything that I have in my life.

16. My body is strong and healthy. I am strong and healthy.

17. My life and future is abundant and prosperous.

18. I am intelligent, talented and creative.

19. I always do my very best.

20. I am the divine expression of God. Who I am is Spirit, Source, God.

Remember it is the consistent use of positive affirmations that will assist you in transforming your life.

Dr, Harry Henshaw