Sound Healing Vibrations with Relaxation Music and the NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge for Stress

Sound Healing Vibrations with Relaxation Music and the NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge for Stress Relief and Stress Management!

Anxiety and stress is a major problem for individuals suffering from substance abuse and dependency.  Most if not all alcoholics and addicts live much of their life in fear.  Fear is the basic emotion that the individual is experiencing when reference is made to anxiety and the emotional and physical disorder of stress.

There are many ways to help reduce anxiety and stress. While there are inappropriate ways that people use to manage stress, there are many effective ways that individuals can utilize to reduce if not eliminate stress. For example, avoiding stressors, expressing feelings instead of holding them inside, managing time better, learning how to reframe problems and focusing on the positive aspects of life, to mention only a few.

There are many benefits of reducing and effectively managing stress. When individuals in recovery are able to learn how to reduce stress their ability to make better decisions increases. Being able to make better decisions will allow addicts and alcoholics to do work with their sponsor, benefit from counseling and as a result stay in recovery longer thereby reducing the possibilities of relapsing.

Music or sound therapy is very under utilized in the field of counseling and psychotherapy and especially for being used to help individuals to reduce anxiety and stress in clinical settings. Most therapists and counselors do not know of the beneficial effects of relaxation music in individual and group counseling sessions let alone within the structure of treatment programs.

I am currently using relaxation music at an outpatient counseling program in Fort Lauderdale called Our Solutions to help clients reduce and manage their anxiety and stress. The therapeutic relaxation music used in our program is one component of a stress reduction and management program designed to help addicts and alcoholics manage fear, anxiety and stress upon demand and as a result be able to effectively and efficiently relax. This type of stress management program is initially conducted with a client utilizing vibroacoustic therapy.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a particular type of sound therapy that incorporates music and healing vibrations with the express purpose of helping the individual relax deeply and as a result reduce his or her anxiety and stress. Vibroacoustic therapy translates and emits synchronized audio programming into kinesthetic vibrations that are directed at the entire body while therapeutic music is delivered through headphones.

The schedule of this special programming is to administer a full vibroacoustic therapy session once a week and additional programming sessions the other six days a week via the Internet at their place of residence. The initial session is conducted on a specially designed relaxation lounge. The relaxation lounge’s design allows the individual to rest comfortably while receiving the powerful sound healing vibrational treatment.

In addition to the experience of the relaxation lounge the individual is also taught effective breathing techniques, how to incorporate relaxing language or words and powerful neuro linguistic anchoring techniques. The individual is taught to link all four components of the programming to their relaxation experience so that when the individual begins to experience anxiety or stress they will be able to use one or several of the components of the stress management program to reduce if not eliminate their stress.

This stress management program utilizes classical conditioning techniques that allow the client to have freedom from the detrimental consequences of anxiety and stress. This program teaches the client how to reduce if not eliminate anxiety and stress once they are aware of it presence. As with any other behavioral technique the success of the program for the client rests with repetition of its simple but effective techniques.

The relaxation lounge is excellent for drug and alcohol treatment program, holistically oriented healing program, spas and anyone that wants to learn how to effectively and efficiently relax and reduce anxiety and stress.

For more information about Vibroacoustic Therapy and the Relaxation Lounge  please contact Vanessa Van Dyne at 786-457-1996.

For more information about the NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge and how you can make it part of the services that you offer please contact Liz Turner today at NexNeuro at 847-923-1657.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge

NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge

Our Solutions Recovery Outpatient Program

NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge

Enhanced Healing


Addicts and Alcoholics Can Improve Their Recovery With the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program

Our Solutions, an outpatient counseling program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has recently added the Vibroacoustic Program to their counseling services for the treatment of recovering addicts and alcoholics. Addicts and alcoholics in Fort Lauderdale now have the opportunity to improve their ability for recovery by learning how to effectively manage anxiety and stress and also how to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Approximately 70 to 90 % of addicts and alcoholics who go into treatment will relapse within the first year after completing a traditional program. Given the current statistics, innovative resources are needed to reduce this high rate of relapse. Our Solutions believes that the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program helps recovering addicts or alcoholics learn how to reduce anxiety and stress, improve self-esteem and as a result support their recovery efforts and reduce the possibility of relapse.

Most addicts and alcoholics experience a great deal of stress and anxiety. In addition, poor self-esteem is one of the primary issues for those suffering from and being treated for substance dependency issues. When an individual experiences stress coupled with poor self-esteem his decisions will tend to be very self-destructive. Providing a program that will reduce stress and improve self-esteem will make addicts and alcoholics better able and willing to stop self-destructive behaviors and instead be open and willing to take suggestions and as a result make healthy decisions that support their recovery and life.

While it is important to also utilize traditional counseling techniques in the treatment of addiction, Our Solutions is providing the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program as an innovative service to directly address a client’s inability to relax and also help improve their poor self-esteem. The vibroacoustic treatment program at Our Solutions utilizes the relaxation lounge and therapeutic relaxation music to help clients to relax and improve self-esteem. The therapeutic relaxation music was specifically developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw using binaural audio tones that have proven effects in helping a person experience a very deep state of relaxation. Combined with certain relaxation techniques, the stress reduction track focuses on helping the client learn how to relax the mind and body when they feel themselves starting to get overwhelmed or stressed. Combined with the therapeutic relaxation music, specially developed positive affirmations are utilized in the self esteem track to help the client begin to think and believe differently about themselves, to improve their self esteem.

The Vibroacoustic Treatment Program at Our Solutions was implemented and is being supervised by Dr. Harry Henshaw. Dr. Henshaw is a licensed psychotherapist and also the Program Director of Our Solutions. Having worked in residential and outpatient treatment programs as well as private practice for 29 years, Dr. Henshaw has extensive experience in working with others to achieve stress relief as well as to improve confidence and self-esteem.

Having used the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program with clients for over 18 months at Our Solutions, Dr. Henshaw is convinced that this program has a positive effect on an individual’s program of recovery. Dr. Henshaw believes further that all treatment centers should be using the Vibroacoustic Program in their clinical programming with addicts and alcoholics. For more information about the vibroacoustic treatment program and what it would take to implement it in your program or treatment center please contact Dr. Henshaw at 306-498-3442 or his website, Enhanced Healing.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Free Evaluation for Drug and Alcohol Addiction from Cornerstore Recovery Center

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Cornerstone Recovery Center is a 32 bed PHP and Intensive Outpatient Program program for recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Cornerstone Recovery offers addiction treatment services that confront substance abuse with a multi-faceted approach intended to nurture a lifestyle of recovery.

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For more information about Cornerstone Recovery Center or a Free Evaluation for Substance Dependency please call Dr. Harry Henshaw at 888-771-0354.

The Relaxation Music of Enhanced Healing and Dr. Harry Henshaw

I would like to share my current work and the benefit that I believe it has for not only counselors but anyone wishing to experience a sense of true relaxation and as a result reduce the stress in their life.  What I am currently engaged in creating for myself and the world is a definite outgrowth of education, training and employment as a therapist.  What I am doing now is developing what I refer to as therapeutic relaxation music and exploring its many possibilities as a change modality.

I received my doctoral degree over 25 years ago in Human Development from Boston University.  After school I have had a variety of counseling and administrative positions in mental health and substance abuse programs in the states of Illinois, Massachusetts and Florida.  I am currently employed as one of the senior therapist at a drug rehab program here in the Miami area where I conduct individual and group counseling session with addicts.  The music that I have created is a very important component in my present work as a therapist.

After working for several years in the counseling field I eventually became trained in both Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis.  From the beginning I was fascintated with the practice of NLP and hypnosis and found them to be very powerful for helping individuals to bring about true and lasting change in their life.  As part of the trance work that I was initially doing I also employed a variety of different relaxation music recordings.  The music definitely helped with the hypnosis that I was conducting.

Eventually I become dissatisfied with the relaxation music that I was using and started to compose my own recordings.  Having received 11 years of piano training in my childhood, I started to experiment with different type of compositions.  Eventually I created the type of relaxation music that I am still using today.  I soon found that the kind of relaxation music that I was creating helped people to experience a deep state of relaxation, go into trance much quicker and also achieve much more benefical results from the  hypnotic work .

While the relaxation music was initially developed for my hypnotic practice I also started to use it in individual and group counseling sessions.  During both types of sessions I would play the music at an ambient level so that it would create a relaxed background but not be of a distracting nature for the client.  Most counselors and therapists do not understand the power of relaxation music for benefiting a client.

After years of working with this type of music, I believe that it is the structure of the music that creates the beneficial effect for the client.  First, there is the actual structure of the musical composition.  I have found that long, sustained chords or voices, approximately 12 to 15 seconds in duration, with slow transitions between them creates an audio environment condusive to experiencing a sense of deep relaxation.  Listening to this type of relaxatiton music is truly a physical experience.

The second component of the recordings is the binaural audio tones that have been interwoven into the music. The binaural tones, through a process referred to as entrainment or frequency following, gently directs the mind/body to generate more of the targeted frequency of brain wave activity whether it be for either profound relaxation or sleep. The recordings for deep relaxaton contain binaural audio tones within the theta range while the recordings for sleep contains binaural audio tones within the delta range.

What I have also found is that in addtion to the listener experiencing a state of deep relaxation he is more open to suggestions, that is, where suggestions can be given that will more likely be accepted and acted upon.  When an individual is truly relaxed he is much less defensive and as a result much more open to considering the possibility of new and different ideas  for behaving and being different.  The end result for the client is improved ability to let go of the barriers and constraints that have limited him in his life and through acceptance create the possibility of change at a much more rapid pace.