For Your Confidence with Positive Affirmations, Relaxing Music, Hypnosis and the Ocean

Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music

Imagine what would happen if you felt more confident about yourself?  

Listening to the positive affirmations on Confidence with Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music, Hypnosis and Healing Sounds of the Ocean will help you to be more confident and increase your self esteem.

Combined with the relaxation music of Inner Peace, a guided hypnotic introduction and the ocean, the positive affirmations on this recording will increase your confidence and self esteem.  Full money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The positive affirmation recording of Confidence also utilizes the power of theta binaural audio tones to further strengthen the power of the relaxation music and positive affirmations.  The positive affirmation recording of Confidence is a 40 minute high quality MP3 download.

Positive Affirmations on this recording of Confidence:  I am confident and courageous.  My future is positive and bright.  I always do my very best.  I believe in myself and my ability.  I am a success.  I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do.  My life is filled with infinite possibilities.  I deserve to be a success.  I can, I am able and I will.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

Individualized Positive Affirmation Program

How to Listen to the Positive Affirmations of Confidence:

1.  Find a quiet place to relax with no distractions.  If possible, use headphones.

2.  Click on the positive affirmation sample and start to listen to the positive affirmation recording.

3.  Inhale slowly and deeply and exhale slowly and completely and only through your nose as you listen to the positive affirmations.

4.  Say or repeat each positive affirmation after you hear them.  Say each positive affirmation outloud or silently to yourself.

5.  As you listen to the positive affirmation recording let your entire body relax.

6.  Now close your eyes, listen to the positive affirmation recording, repeat each affirmation and begin to think and feel better about yourself.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing

Individualized Positive Affirmation Program – Meditation Music and Positive Affirmations for Treating Addicts and Alcoholics

The Cornerstone Recovery Center is a residential treatment program and intensive outpatient program that treats addicts and alcoholics.  Cornerstone Recovery Center is devoted to providing the best possible care and treatment for those suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Cornerstone Recovery Center is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The Cornerstone Recovery Center is currently using a very innovative treatment modality to help addicts and alcoholics to stop using drugs and alcohol and become healthy and responsible individuals.  While the 12 step program is very important foundation for addicts and alcoholics to utilize in their recovery, there are a variety of other holistic treatment modalities used at Cornerstone Recovery Center to help them transform their life.
One of the most innovative treatment modalities currently being used at Cornerstone Recovery Center  is the Individualized Positive Affirmation Program.  The Individualized Positive Affirmation program was first developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw, the Program Director at Cornerstone.  Dr. Henshaw is both a licensed psychotherapist and musician.
The Individualized Positive Affirmation program is a holistic treatment modality that is used only at the Cornerstone Recovery Center.  Created by Dr. Henshaw, the Individualized Positive Affirmation program helps addicts and alcoholics to begin to change their self esteem and the basic structure of how they perceive of themselves by using  positive affirmations and meditation music.  The special meditation music that is used in this program was also created by Dr. Henshaw and has been specially designed to help the client experience a very deep state of relaxation.  Once in this relaxed state the addict or alcoholic will begin to listen to positive affirmations that he or she choose and also, and most important, recorded in his or her own voice.  Once the client is relaxed the positive affirmations will begin to transform the client’s beliefs and thoughts about himself.  Dr. Henshaw’s music is also used to help treat addicts with anxiety issues and even depression. 
Each client at the Cornerstone Recovery Center is given the opportunity to use this very powerful treatment modality in his or her overall treatment plan.  Clients also have the ability to take their individualized positive affirmation recording with them when they are discharged from Cornerstone.  Continuing to listen to and utilize the individualized positive affirmation recording after treatment is very important.  Follow up visits are also available to help monitor the client’s success with this very innovative treatment modality.  For more information about Dr. Henshaw’s Individualized Positive Affirmation Program and how it is used at Cornerstone Recovery Center please visit our website at or call Dr. Harry Henshaw at 1.888.711.0354

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The Nature of My Music, Continued.

I believe that my music will definitely help you to relax.   It is when you are able to relax that you will begin the healing process of reducing and even reversing the negative effects of stress.  The stress that we create can cause a variety of damaging consequences for us, for our bodies and even our environment and the people that live in it with us.

I also believe that the real cause of stress is to be found with our thinking, with our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.  Experiencing stress is merely the outcome of thinking certain thoughts and having certain beliefs especially those that you have about yourself.  When we have certain thoughts we generate fear and anxiety, the foundation of stress.  The more we keep the thinking process that caused the stress the more stress we will have.

If you were to listen to the music for 30 days and followed certain suggestions on how to use or listen to the music you would be able to feel more relaxed during the day, even when  you were not listening to the music.  Listening to the music for 30 minutes allows your body and even your mind to start to be quiet and calm.  The more you listen to the music, that is, on a daily basis, the more relaxed your body will be and stay throughout the day.

I am also using my music with positive affirmations and hypnotherapy scripts to continue this process of helping you to change and transform your life.  The positive affirmations and hypnosis recordings focus on the essential core of people haivng and continuing to have stress in their life, that is, to the underlying thought or thinking process.  While positive and affirmations can be extremely powerful, it is the music that will create the space for the thoughts and beliefs to be able to transform your life.

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Clarity with My Dream – Part of the Transformation

As I create my vision, my Dream, and then do the work necessary to keep me on the path, I am starting to have a sense of clarity appear before me.  My Dream has to do with my music and also with the positive affirmations and hypnotherapy recordings that I do.  As I said earlier, my vision is to transform the world through my music, to use it as a tool to be of service to humanity.

Part of the journey has not been that clear as to how to do this work specifically, about how to make the vision a working reality.  At first I thought it was only about offering relaxation music, positive affirmations and hypnosis recordings.  Now it appears that while all three of the elements are there that the best way that I can be of service is through helping others to relax, to sleep better and also to increase their confidence and self esteem.  Each component, the music, affirmations and hypnosis, will be apart of the larger picture and focus.

I am now in the process of redoing the site, the content, and putting it into alignment with how the vision and Dream are now starting to appear to me.  As I said, the focus will be on helping people to relax, to sleep better and to feel better about themselves, giving them the tools needed to start to live the life that they want.

More on this later.  

Relaxation Music, Positive Affirmations, Hypnotherapy, Healing Music

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music

Declare My Commitment Upon Waking in the Morning

Facing the fears as they come up, monitoring the negative thoughts as they appear will be constant work for me, daily.  Staying present and aware of my physical state, of how I am feeling, is key to this.  It is my feelings that will let me know if I am on the right track or not, if I am staying with creating my possibility and my dream.  Feeling good and positive will let me know that I am on it, that I am headed in the direction that I say I want.  Feeling negative and down will tell me the opposite, that I am creating and bringing towards me what I do not want.

The work is to be aware, to be aware of how I am feeling and if negative to quickly create something positive, to get back into my possibility.  I will not try to fix the negative thought or feeling as that would be to give it attention and in the end supply it with power, to continue to manifest it in my life.  What I think about I will bring about.

Therefore, once acknowledged, my work is to create something positive.  As I just mentioned, not to try to fix or correct the negative thoughts or feelings but rather to merely let them go and in the same motion to create something positive that I will focus on instead.  I believe that this process can be assisted by declaring my commitment when I wake up in the moment.

Declaring my commitment in the morning will set the stage, so to speak, for me to continue to proceed with being positive, with me staying in my possibly and fulfilling my dream.  I will consciously state what I am creating, my commitment, and continue to rehearse it throughout the day.  It will be like a positive affirmation in that it what I want to bring into my life.

Today I am committed to having my website be viewed by 100 new visitors today!

Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Sleep Music

Dr.  Harry Henshaw

PRESCRIPTIONS for Enhanced Healing and Health from Dr. Harry Henshaw

The following are suggestions or recommendations that Dr. Harry Henshaw has made for using his relaxation music, meditation music, sleep music, positive affirmation and hypnotherapy recordings.


Relaxation Music:  Relaxation music can help you can help you experience a very deep state of relaxation.  All of the relaxation music recordings have been uniquely designed to help you relax and as a result of the serenity and calm that you will experience from listening you will be able to reduce your stress.  Relaxation Music

The relaxation music has also been combined with the gentle sounds of the ocean and tranquil sounds of a stream.  The sounds of the ocean and stream enhance and strengthen the sense of relaxation that you will experience.  Relaxation Music with the Ocean     Relaxation Music with a Stream

Positive Affirmations:  Using positive affirmations can help you to relax and experience a sense of tranquility.  The positive affirmation recording that I suggest you listen to is Relaxation.

Hypnotherapy:  You will be able to learn how to experience a very deep state of relaxation by listening to and working with the hypnotherapy recordings of In The Moment and My Special Place.


Sleep Music:  Sleep Music will help you to relax and sleep better.  The two recordings that I suggest you listen to every evening is Gentle Dreams and Insomnia.

Like the relaxation music, my sleep music has been combined with the gentle sounds of the ocean and tranquil sounds of a stream.  Gentle Dreams with the Ocean     Gentle Dreams with a Stream     Insomnia with the Ocean    Insomnia with a Stream

Positive Affirmations:  Using positive affirmations can help you to relax and experience a very peaceful sleep.  The positive affirmation recording that I suggest you listen to is Sleep.

Hypnotherapy:  The hypnotherapy recording of Sound Sleep is what I suggest to help you learn how to fall asleep easier and experience a very peaceful sleep.


Positive Affirmations:  There are five positive affirmation recordings that can help you to enhance your self esteem.  Self EsteemProsperityConfidenceMy Future and Self Love all use positive affirmations to enhance your self esteem.

Relaxation music, meditation music, sleep music, healing music, relaxing music

Dr Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music


Relaxation Music, Positive Affirmations and Hypnosis for Stress Relief from Enhanced Healing

How do we reduce stress?  How do we relieve our stress?  These may be the most important of all the questions about stress.  Enhanced Healing has three alternative techniques for reducing and relieving the stress that you may experience on a daily basis.  Using these three alternative therapies as part of your stress management plan will help you to experience a sense of relaxation and ease, reduce stress and begin to develop effective stress reduction skills.  The first technique for stress relief is Dr. Harry Henshaw’s relaxation music, meditation music and sleep music.  The second holistic treatment technique for relieving stress has to do with using positive affirmations.  The third holistic treatment technique for stress relief is involves the use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy recordings.  All three techniques are proven alternative therapies that have repeatedly worked to help people live life in a more positive, healthy manner and as a result relieve stress.

Listening to relaxation music, meditation music or sleep music helps to relieve stress almost immediately.  Listening to relaxation music, especially the music created by Dr Harry Henshaw, helps you to experienece a sense of deep relaxation and ease and provides stress relief as soon as you begin to listen.  With repeated, continuous use of Dr. Henshaw’s relaxation music, meditation music and sleep music the beneficial effects can be profound and are cumulative over time.  Listening to relaxation music, meditation music and sleep music can have immediate physical and psychological effects on the body and mind.  Some of the measurable effects on the body of using relaxation music, meditation music and sleep music are lowering blood pressure, regulating heart rate and breathing.  Some of the psychological effects of using relaxation music and meditation music are feeling calmer and serene, more peaceful and much more relaxed.  Relaxation Music for Stress Reduction

Using positive affirmations will help you to begin to change your thoughts and beliefs, especially those thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself that are negative,  thoughts and beliefs that tend to cause the negative stress that you experience.  Much of the negative effects that stress has upon us is caused by our perceptions, by our thoughts and beliefs about what is happening to us and especially about ourselves, about our worth and value as human beings.  Much of our experiences, especially those that are very stressful, are caused by our negative self talk, by the thoughts and beliefs that we continue to think and believe on a daily basis.  Using positive affirmations on a consistent basis will let you begin to replace the negative self talk that is causing your stress with positive thoughts and beliefs that will not only reduce stress but help you to begin to think about yourself and life differently, in a more positive, healthy manner.  Positive Affirmations Stress Reduction

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis will help to provide a sense of ease to your life and stress relief in two very important ways.  First is the stress relief that can be gained by using guided imagery, a hypnotic techniques that helps you to feel more relaxed by directing your thoughts and thinking away from your stressors and thereby helping your body and mind to become more relaxed and tranquil.  When you learn and practice guided imagery that is designed to direct your thoughts in a more positive manner you will feel more relaxed and harmonious and as a result gain stress relief.  The second way that hypnosis can assist you in relieving stress is though using various hypnotic techniques that alter the very structure or foundation of your thinking, of your experience, the very context from which we think about ourselves, others and the world.  When we change the foundation, context or structure of our experiences not only does the experience change but we create the possibility of feeling better and as a result more relaxed, less stress.  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction

Relaxation music, meditation music, sleep music, healing music, relaxing music

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music