For Your Confidence with Positive Affirmations, Relaxing Music, Hypnosis and the Ocean

Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music

Imagine what would happen if you felt more confident about yourself?  

Listening to the positive affirmations on Confidence with Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music, Hypnosis and Healing Sounds of the Ocean will help you to be more confident and increase your self esteem.

Combined with the relaxation music of Inner Peace, a guided hypnotic introduction and the ocean, the positive affirmations on this recording will increase your confidence and self esteem.  Full money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

The positive affirmation recording of Confidence also utilizes the power of theta binaural audio tones to further strengthen the power of the relaxation music and positive affirmations.  The positive affirmation recording of Confidence is a 40 minute high quality MP3 download.

Positive Affirmations on this recording of Confidence:  I am confident and courageous.  My future is positive and bright.  I always do my very best.  I believe in myself and my ability.  I am a success.  I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do.  My life is filled with infinite possibilities.  I deserve to be a success.  I can, I am able and I will.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

Individualized Positive Affirmation Program

How to Listen to the Positive Affirmations of Confidence:

1.  Find a quiet place to relax with no distractions.  If possible, use headphones.

2.  Click on the positive affirmation sample and start to listen to the positive affirmation recording.

3.  Inhale slowly and deeply and exhale slowly and completely and only through your nose as you listen to the positive affirmations.

4.  Say or repeat each positive affirmation after you hear them.  Say each positive affirmation outloud or silently to yourself.

5.  As you listen to the positive affirmation recording let your entire body relax.

6.  Now close your eyes, listen to the positive affirmation recording, repeat each affirmation and begin to think and feel better about yourself.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Enhanced Healing

Changing the Story is Key to Transformation

Changing our story and the thoughts and ideas that we have created about ourselves can be difficult, and is most definitely work. Our story is who we think we are, our identity, positive or negative it does not matter. Our story and all of the thoughts we have about ourselves started out as just that, as thoughts. As we continued to hold these thoughts over a period of time they became our beliefs. These beliefs then eventually became our truth. Our story is what we consider to be our truth. The process of change is very similar to that which created our problem. The process of change takes time and requires that we start to introduce now thoughts and ideas about who we think are. We have to stay with generating these new thoughts until they become beliefs and continue until they further become our truth, a new identity. We are the one responsible for our identity, who we think we are.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Positive Affirmations, Self Esteem

Cause of Self Esteem Problems is Within

One of the important things to get is that the cause of self esteem issues is not about people, places or things. Self esteem issues are not caused by something outside of ourselves. Events do happen. Things in our life do occur. What we have to get and understand fully is that when an event happen we start to think about it, we start to give it meaning, we begin to make up a story about it. It is not so much that the story is not true as it is our representation of the event. Our story is not the event, the map is not the territory. For our story telling we can also create beliefs especially about ourselves. One of the first stages of working on our self esteem is to become present to our story and what we truly think and feel about ourselves. We are the cause, it is our thinking process or pattern that creates the self esteem issues. This is part of the beginning of our personal transformation.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Positive Affirmations, Self Esteem, Stress Relief, Relaxing Music

Self Esteem – Core of Emotional Issues

Self Esteem issues are at the core of most, if not all, emotional issues. When we do not care about ourselves, when we do not care about what happens to us, we either do things deliberately to hurt ourselves or allow things to happen that are not in our best interest. We definitely do not do things that show love and respect of self. I believe that the most important thing to work on with others who are requesting help is always self esteem issues. The goal is for a person to learn to truly love and respect themselves.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Relaxing Music, Positive Affirmations, Self Esteem, Stress Relief

Subscription Music from Enhanced Healing

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Prescription for Health

Prescription for Health is seven recordings that have been combined to help you relax, reduce your stress, and improve your sleep, self esteem and health.  This is a very special offering.  

Three of the recordings are to help you relax and reduce your stress, Fantasia, Clarity with the Ocean and Cosmic Reflection with a guided introduction.  

One of the recordings is designed to help you sleep, Gentle Dream.  

Three of the recordings have been developed to help you improve your self esteem and confidence, Inner Transformation, Confidence and My Future.  

Prescription for Health is a very special offering with over 3 1//2 hours of play time for only $6.95.  That is less that one dollar per recording.

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Relaxation Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief

Relaxation Music, Relaxing Music

Relaxation Music, Relaxing Music

Sleep Music, Relaxation Music, Relaxing Music

Positive Affirmations, self esteem, confidence, relaxation music

Positive Affirmations, confidence, self esteem

Positive affirmations, relaxation music, self esteem, confidence

Two New Recordings from Enhanced Healing for Improving Self Esteem

I would like to announce the release of two new recordings, both designed to help improve self esteem and confidence.

The first recording is Self Esteem.  This recording has three tracks.  Two of the tracks are with positive affirmations and relaxation music.  The third track is a subliminal recording for improving self esteem.  Self Esteem is over two hours of play time and is only $3.99.

Relaxation Music, Self Esteem, Positive Affirmations

The second recording is Inner Transformation.  Inner Transformation is a recording of positive affirmation and relaxation music for improving self esteem and confidence.  There are two tracks on this recording, one 30 minute and one 60 minutes.  Inner Transformation is 90 minutes of play time and is only $2.99.

Self Esteem, Positive Affirmations, Relaxation Music