Sound Healing Vibrations with Relaxation Music and the NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge for Stress

Sound Healing Vibrations with Relaxation Music and the NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge for Stress Relief and Stress Management!

Anxiety and stress is a major problem for individuals suffering from substance abuse and dependency.  Most if not all alcoholics and addicts live much of their life in fear.  Fear is the basic emotion that the individual is experiencing when reference is made to anxiety and the emotional and physical disorder of stress.

There are many ways to help reduce anxiety and stress. While there are inappropriate ways that people use to manage stress, there are many effective ways that individuals can utilize to reduce if not eliminate stress. For example, avoiding stressors, expressing feelings instead of holding them inside, managing time better, learning how to reframe problems and focusing on the positive aspects of life, to mention only a few.

There are many benefits of reducing and effectively managing stress. When individuals in recovery are able to learn how to reduce stress their ability to make better decisions increases. Being able to make better decisions will allow addicts and alcoholics to do work with their sponsor, benefit from counseling and as a result stay in recovery longer thereby reducing the possibilities of relapsing.

Music or sound therapy is very under utilized in the field of counseling and psychotherapy and especially for being used to help individuals to reduce anxiety and stress in clinical settings. Most therapists and counselors do not know of the beneficial effects of relaxation music in individual and group counseling sessions let alone within the structure of treatment programs.

I am currently using relaxation music at an outpatient counseling program in Fort Lauderdale called Our Solutions to help clients reduce and manage their anxiety and stress. The therapeutic relaxation music used in our program is one component of a stress reduction and management program designed to help addicts and alcoholics manage fear, anxiety and stress upon demand and as a result be able to effectively and efficiently relax. This type of stress management program is initially conducted with a client utilizing vibroacoustic therapy.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a particular type of sound therapy that incorporates music and healing vibrations with the express purpose of helping the individual relax deeply and as a result reduce his or her anxiety and stress. Vibroacoustic therapy translates and emits synchronized audio programming into kinesthetic vibrations that are directed at the entire body while therapeutic music is delivered through headphones.

The schedule of this special programming is to administer a full vibroacoustic therapy session once a week and additional programming sessions the other six days a week via the Internet at their place of residence. The initial session is conducted on a specially designed relaxation lounge. The relaxation lounge’s design allows the individual to rest comfortably while receiving the powerful sound healing vibrational treatment.

In addition to the experience of the relaxation lounge the individual is also taught effective breathing techniques, how to incorporate relaxing language or words and powerful neuro linguistic anchoring techniques. The individual is taught to link all four components of the programming to their relaxation experience so that when the individual begins to experience anxiety or stress they will be able to use one or several of the components of the stress management program to reduce if not eliminate their stress.

This stress management program utilizes classical conditioning techniques that allow the client to have freedom from the detrimental consequences of anxiety and stress. This program teaches the client how to reduce if not eliminate anxiety and stress once they are aware of it presence. As with any other behavioral technique the success of the program for the client rests with repetition of its simple but effective techniques.

The relaxation lounge is excellent for drug and alcohol treatment program, holistically oriented healing program, spas and anyone that wants to learn how to effectively and efficiently relax and reduce anxiety and stress.

For more information about Vibroacoustic Therapy and the Relaxation Lounge  please contact Vanessa Van Dyne at 786-457-1996.

For more information about the NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge and how you can make it part of the services that you offer please contact Liz Turner today at NexNeuro at 847-923-1657.

Dr. Harry Henshaw

NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge

NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge

Our Solutions Recovery Outpatient Program

NexNeuro Relaxation Lounge

Enhanced Healing


Welcome to Vibroacoustic Therapy

Welcome to Vibroacoustic Therapy   

Excellent for any Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Counseling Program!               

Excellent for any Therapist or Counselor that wants to help their clients learn how to Relax, Reduce Anxiety and Stress and Improve Confidence and Self Esteem!   

Want your clients to learn how to relax and be anxiety and stress free?  Want your clients to learn how to relax naturally, without the use of medications?  Want your clients to learn how to improve self-esteem, self worth and confidence?  The Vibroacoustic Therapy offered by Enhanced Healing will help your clients to learn how to relax deeply and naturally and as a result reduce your anxiety and stress.  The Vibroacoustic Therapy will also help your clients to improve your confidence, self worth and self-esteem!

The programming of Vibroacoustic Therapy utilizes therapeutic relaxation music as the foundation. Music has been used for many centuries to promote a sense of health, wellness and wellbeing. Music has been proven to be a very powerful alternative therapy for changing thinking, feelings, ones emotional state, behavior and even an individual’s life. Music has the capacity to help a person experience deep relaxation and serenity, reduce the experience and effects of stress, promote a peaceful, restful sleep and even begin to generate physical healing.

The therapeutic relaxation music used in the Vibroacoustic Therapy has been uniquely designed and enhanced by Dr. Harry Henshaw to ensure that a person will experience a state of deep relaxation and ease. The music has two components to assist an individual in experiencing deep relaxation, in obtaining anxiety and stress relief.  The first component of the music is that it is harmonically slow, repetitious, and rhythmically random in its tempo to ensure a deep state of relaxation.

The second component of the music is that it uses binaural audio tones or binaural beats that are interwoven into the very structure of the music.  The binaural beats or tones, through a process referred to as “entrainment” or “frequency following”, gently guides or directs the mind/body to generate more of the targeted frequency of brain wave activity to create a profound state of relaxation.  The same therapeutic relaxation music recording of Dr. Henshaw is used with both the stress reduction and self-esteem programming of the Vibroacoustic Therapy.

In addition to the relaxation music, Vibroacoustic Therapy also utilizes a variety of hypnotic and neuro linguistic techniques to further assist the individual in changing his or her life. While the individual is experiencing the relaxation music he or she is given instructions to improve their deep breathing. Individuals are also instructed to utilize positive self-talk to enhance deep relaxation and also improve self-esteem and confidence. The technology of positive affirmations is used to help individuals to begin to create a positive self-image and improve self-esteem.

Vibroacustic Therapy also utilizes the NexNeuro Vibroacoustic Relaxation Lounge. The relaxation lounge is a non-medical sound and vibration system that provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body. This type of device delivers “natural frequencies” in a passive and non-invasive process to the brain and central nervous system with the specific intent of balancing, optimizing and harmonizing these cells in our body and brain through entrainment. Research is proving that sound healing and frequency therapy can be an effective & safe way to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and the effects of health problems such as addiction, depression, as well as many other mental and psychological disorders. The more relaxed the body and mind is the more effective a person will be at resolving and repairing problems.

Important benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy for drug and alcohol treatment programs and therapists or counselors:

1.  Helps client to relax immediately and calms the mind and body.

2.  Helps client to be relaxed during the day and learn how to reduce anxiety and stress especially during crisis situations.

3.  Helps client to learn how to meditate.

4.  Helps client to improve decision-making.

5.  Helps client to learn how to improve confidence and self-esteem.

6.  Helps client to be more receptive to individual and group counseling.

7.  Helps client to be more receptive and willing to working a program of recovery.

8.  Helps to increase revenue to a treatment program, as it can be a billable service as an individual behavior modifying session.

9.  Helps to reduce AMA rate.

Payment for Vibroacoustic Therapy can be done in one of two ways. First method of payment is referred to as the License Plan. Payment by the License Plan is a one-time fee for the use of Vibroacoustic Therapy. The License Plan is appropriate for programs that will not be billing for individual services but rather have all inclusive or bundled rate type of billing for their treatment services.

The second method of payment is the Subscription Plan. The Subscription Plan for payment is appropriate for programs that can and will bill for individual services provided to their clients. An example would an outpatient counseling programs that bills separately for individual, group and family counseling sessions.

If there is a treatment program that provides residential, Intensive Outpatient programming and Outpatient counseling services and would like to provide Vibroacoustic Therapy at all levels of treatment the Subscription Plan may be the most appropriate unless they were not going to bill for individual counseling services at the outpatient level.

Treatment programs and counselors will be provided the following assistance when they purchase the License Plan:

1. Four therapeutic recordings by Dr. Harry Henshaw for stress reduction and self-esteem enhancement.

2.  The ability to also use the recordings in group and individual counseling sessions to further enhance the effect of the programming.

3.  The therapeutic recordings are copy written by Dr. Henshaw and as a result there is no possibility of any type of legal problem for their commercial use.

4.  Protocols for the lounge sessions.

5.  Pre and Post Assessments for clients.

6.  Procedures for charting and treatment planning.

7.  Client access to all programming seven days a week via the Internet for “homework assignments” made by counselors or staff.

8.  Training for program staff for using Vibroacoustic Therapy.

9. On going support to the program staff using Vibroacioustic Therapy.

Treatment programs and counselors will be provided the following assistance when they purchase the Subscription Plan:

1.  Complete therapeutic recordings by Dr. Harry Henshaw for stress reduction and self-esteem enhancement

2.  The ability to use the recordings in group and individual counseling sessions to further enhance the effect of the programming.

3.  The therapeutic recordings are copy written by Dr. Henshaw and as a result there is no possibility of any type of legal problem for their commercial use.

4.  All new Updates to the programming are free.

5.  Protocols for the sessions.

6.  Pre and Post Assessments for clients.

7.  Procedures for charting and treatment planning.

8.  Billing code to utilize.

9.  Client access to all programming seven days a week via the Internet for “homework assignments” by staff.

10.  Training for program staff for using Vibroacoustic Therapy.

11. On going support to the program staff using Vibroacioustic Therapy.

12. Ability to bill for the service provided.

Cost of Relaxation Lounge: $3000.00

License Fee: $1000.00

Monthly Subscription Fee: $500.00

The Vibroacoustic Therapy is currently being used to treat addicts and alcoholics at OUR SOLUTIONS, an outpatient counseling program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Dr. Henshaw is the Program Director.

Call today to get more information about Vibroacoustic Therapy!  Bring Vibroacoustic Therapy to your treatment program or counseling office.

For more information about Vibroacoustic Therapy, please call Vanessa at 786-457-1996 oremail her at

Addicts and Alcoholics Can Improve Their Recovery With the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program

Our Solutions, an outpatient counseling program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has recently added the Vibroacoustic Program to their counseling services for the treatment of recovering addicts and alcoholics. Addicts and alcoholics in Fort Lauderdale now have the opportunity to improve their ability for recovery by learning how to effectively manage anxiety and stress and also how to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Approximately 70 to 90 % of addicts and alcoholics who go into treatment will relapse within the first year after completing a traditional program. Given the current statistics, innovative resources are needed to reduce this high rate of relapse. Our Solutions believes that the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program helps recovering addicts or alcoholics learn how to reduce anxiety and stress, improve self-esteem and as a result support their recovery efforts and reduce the possibility of relapse.

Most addicts and alcoholics experience a great deal of stress and anxiety. In addition, poor self-esteem is one of the primary issues for those suffering from and being treated for substance dependency issues. When an individual experiences stress coupled with poor self-esteem his decisions will tend to be very self-destructive. Providing a program that will reduce stress and improve self-esteem will make addicts and alcoholics better able and willing to stop self-destructive behaviors and instead be open and willing to take suggestions and as a result make healthy decisions that support their recovery and life.

While it is important to also utilize traditional counseling techniques in the treatment of addiction, Our Solutions is providing the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program as an innovative service to directly address a client’s inability to relax and also help improve their poor self-esteem. The vibroacoustic treatment program at Our Solutions utilizes the relaxation lounge and therapeutic relaxation music to help clients to relax and improve self-esteem. The therapeutic relaxation music was specifically developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw using binaural audio tones that have proven effects in helping a person experience a very deep state of relaxation. Combined with certain relaxation techniques, the stress reduction track focuses on helping the client learn how to relax the mind and body when they feel themselves starting to get overwhelmed or stressed. Combined with the therapeutic relaxation music, specially developed positive affirmations are utilized in the self esteem track to help the client begin to think and believe differently about themselves, to improve their self esteem.

The Vibroacoustic Treatment Program at Our Solutions was implemented and is being supervised by Dr. Harry Henshaw. Dr. Henshaw is a licensed psychotherapist and also the Program Director of Our Solutions. Having worked in residential and outpatient treatment programs as well as private practice for 29 years, Dr. Henshaw has extensive experience in working with others to achieve stress relief as well as to improve confidence and self-esteem.

Having used the Vibroacoustic Treatment Program with clients for over 18 months at Our Solutions, Dr. Henshaw is convinced that this program has a positive effect on an individual’s program of recovery. Dr. Henshaw believes further that all treatment centers should be using the Vibroacoustic Program in their clinical programming with addicts and alcoholics. For more information about the vibroacoustic treatment program and what it would take to implement it in your program or treatment center please contact Dr. Henshaw at 306-498-3442 or his website, Enhanced Healing.

Relaxation Music

Dr. Harry Henshaw

Relaxation Music Helps Cancer Patients Through Chemotherapy

Cancer patients undergoing treatment in hospitals now have available therapeutic relaxation music to help them through their chemotherapy.  Working with Ellen’s Heart and Soul organization, Enhanced Healing has recently donated relaxation music that will be made available to cancer patients while they are undergoing their treatment.  Enhanced Healing has also developed a fund raising campaign to raise money for food for low income cancer patients and their families.

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Dr. Harry Henshaw

Cancer is one of the major diseases facing us today, both as individuals and as a society. Every year many individuals are diagnosed with cancer. Every year many individuals die from this disease. While cancer is one of the leading diseases facing humanity today, there is a great deal of research and treatment taking place in our communities.

Enhanced Healing has recently launched a new and innovative program to help raise funds for agencies that are devoted to being of service to their communities. Believing strongly in the importance of being of service to our local and global communities, Enhanced Healing is now extending an invitation to any non-profit organization or individuals interested in partnering with Enhanced Healing in the Relaxation Music for Charity program. One such agency is the Ellen’s Heart and Soul organization.

Ellen’s Heart and Soul is a 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to helping promote healthy living, relaxation and excitement in the hearts and souls of men and women with cancer. Originally Ellen’s Heart and Soul was a breast cancer non-profit but its reach has been broadened to help as many cancer patients and their families as possible through two ongoing initiatives, Music for the Heart and Soul and Meals for the Heart and Soul.

Music for the Heart and Soul is Ellen’s in-hospital program where they are collecting all genres of relaxing music from around the world to be made available to patients while they undergo chemotherapy treatments. Through music Ellen’s Heart and Soul is able to help create a relaxing and stress-free environment, during chemotherapy treatment. The Meals for the Heart and Soul program represents a healthy living initiative. Ellen’s Heart and Soul will be providing fresh organic food to low-income cancer patients and their families. Eating organic food is an easy and pleasant way to reduce the risk of cancer and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Enhanced Healing is now helping to support both of Ellen’s Heart and Soul’s initiatives. With respect to the Music for the Heart and Soul, Enhanced Healing will be donating four 60 minute recordings of relaxation music that cancer patients will be able to listen to while undergoing chemotherapy. Enhanced Healing will be donating the relaxation music recordings of Fantasia, Gradual Awakening, Lunar Sun and Gentle Dreams. These particular recordings will be streamed from the website of Ellen’s Heart and Soul and will be available to any patient undergoing treatment. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy in any hospital or facility will now be able to listen to the relaxation music of Dr. Henshaw and as a result help them to relax as they are undergoing their treatment.

In addition, Enhanced Healing has created a special fund raising campaign for the Meals for the Heart and Soul program,to help raise money for this very important program. With this special fund raising effort, 50 per cent of the revenue received from the sale of Enhanced Healing’s relaxation music, healing music, sleep music, positive affirmation and hypnotherapy recordings from its website will be donated to Ellen’s Heart and Soul organization so that they can help provide organic food to low income cancer patients and their families.

The vision of Enhanced Healing is to be of service to the world by promoting serenity and harmony through relaxation music. To achieve its vision Enhanced Healing provides high quality MP3 download recordings of relaxation music, healing music, sleep music that helps individuals to experience a very deep state of relaxation as well as a peaceful sound sleep. All of the relaxation music, positive affirmations and hypnosis recordings have been created, recorded and produced by Dr. Harry Henshaw.

To learn how to participate now in Enhanced Healing’s fund raising campaign for Ellen’s Heart and Soul please click here Relaxation Music for Charity for Ellen’s Heart and Soul.

For more information about our relaxation music, healing music, sleep music and Relaxation Music for Charity program to raise money for non-for-profit organizations please visit or contact Dr. Harry Henshaw at             305-498-3442     .

Enhanced Healing through Relaxation Music  

Interview with Dr Harry Henshaw from Enhanced Healing




We first got in touch with Harry Henshaw, a mental health and addiction counselor and musician, because C.R. is making some guided visualization MP3s and needed some relaxing background music. After searching quite a few weeks for music that was pleasant to listen to and effective but subtle enough not to dominate the spoken word, she found Enhanced Healing, Harry Henshaw’s web site.

Originally, Harry was a philosophy student. After a part time job working in a half-way house for people with mental illness, his life plans underwent a dramatic change. He decided to commit to helping others.

After he received his doctorate in Human Development and Counseling, he began working in a rehab program. As he began learning about drug and alcohol addiction, he developed his own insights into treatment and began to incorporate tools such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and music in his work with clients.

We don’t really have experience with NLP (and very little with traditional hypnosis) but we enjoy creating and listening to guided visualizations and we often use a variety of relaxation techniques, especially progressive relaxation and breath work. We frequently use relaxing music. We tried one of Harry’s sleep recordings—it was definitely effective! 

Welcome, Harry. Tell us how a bit how you began using music in therapy.

I discovered years ago that using relaxation music made therapy and some of the techniques I use, including NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and hypnosis, even more powerful. After using different types of relaxation music recordings I eventually became dissatisfied with all of them. I’m also a musician with an intense love of music, so I started to experiment with different kinds of compositions. I soon discovered a type of relaxation music that helped people to experience a very deep state of relaxation, go into trance quicker and also achieve much more beneficial and powerful results from their hypnotic work.

While my relaxation music was initially developed for my hypnotic practice I also use it in my individual and group counseling sessions. During these sessions I will play the music at an ambient level so that the music creates a relaxed background but isn’t distracting. People soon lose conscious awareness of the music and focus on the work that they came there to do. It has been my experience that until they try it, most counselors and therapists do not yet understand how powerful relaxing music can be when used as a therapy tool.

After years of working with music in counseling, I believe that it is the design of my music that causes the beneficial effect for the listener. First, there is the actual structure of the musical composition. It seems that having long, sustained chords or voices, approximately 12 to 15 seconds in duration, with slow transitions between the chords works best. This causes the body to slow down and begin to relax and as and eventually attain a deeper state of relaxation. The music is initially a physical experience.

The second component of my music is the binaural audio tones that have been mixed into the music. The binaural tones, through a process referred to as “entrainment” or “frequency following”, gently directs the body to make more of the brain wave frequencies necessary for either deep relaxation or sleep. The recordings for deep relaxation contain binaural audio tones within the theta range while the recordings for sleep contains binaural audio tones within the delta range.

Our brains emit certain frequencies during the day, 24 hours a day.  While we are awake, alert and working, our brain emits more energy in the beta range, at approximately 14 cycles per second.  When we start to relax and even meditate our brains starts to produce more alpha frequencies, from 7 to 14 cycles per second.  As we start to drift off to sleep our brain moves into the theta range, generating more 4 to 7 cycles per second.  When we eventually go to sleep our brains is producing more delta frequencies than any other, between 1 to 4 cycles per second.  I mix the music with theta frequencies, 5 cycles per second, for helping a person to relax and delta frequencies, 1 cycle per second, for helping them to sleep.

It’s amazing that although we can sense some of the changes in frequencies, many are quite subtle, yet the effects are very real. Tell us about the benefits of using/listening to music in a therapeutic manner.

My clients tend to be mostly on the resistant and defensive side.  I have found that a person is more open to a suggestion after using the relaxation music.  When an individual is able to experience a state of deep relaxation he is much less defensive and much more open to considering and accepting suggestions for change.

Can you describe a successful outcome you’ve had using your music?

One particular client comes to mind.  He was extremely resistant to treatment, even defiant. I decided to go with the resistance.  What I did first was to just work on making rapport with him, small talk, talking about anything.  While we were having our conversations I had the music playing at an ambient level.  It was apparent that he was becoming more relaxed and less defensive as we talked.  At some point I told him I would be leaving the room for a while and asked him if he wanted to listen to the music.  He agreed, so I gave him headphones. After our session resumed, he said, without prompting, that he liked the music, felt very relaxed and wanted to know if he could listen to it later, after the session.  I gave him a copy of the music.

Upon returning for his next session he reported that he liked the music and listened to it often, especially in the evenings.  I next made the suggestion that I had another recording, same music but with positive affirmations for confidence and that I would like for him to listen to it and give me his opinion. He agreed.

After about 20 minutes I stopped the recording to check in with him. The client reported though he found the positive affirmations a bit difficult to listen to, he enjoyed them. I gave him a copy of the recording to take home and asked him to evaluate the recording for me.  After a few days he reported that after listening to the recording he felt more comfortable in his own skin and felt that he had a more positive outlook about his life. Over the next few weeks he appeared to have a brighter affect and was more positive and less defensive especially with the recovery coaches at the center where I work.  After he was discharged he continued to use the recording and began to use positive affirmations in general to help him work on his self esteem. I followed up with him and found that over time his motivation continued to increase and eventually he decided to work in a treatment program himself.

You really seem to use an interesting variety of tools and techniques. How do you use NLP and hypnosis in your work with clients?

I use it to help people change what they think, especially about themselves.  Poor self esteem is the core issue for most people with addictions. It is always about feeling not good enough or feeling like a failure. Like many in the field, I believe that the basis of a person’s poor self esteem is rooted in their past, or more precisely, in their memory or story of the past.

What NLP and hypnosis helps people do is quite simple—it helps people reframe and transform their experiences. After time, they are able to let go of the past (and all of the damage that it has done and continues to do) as well as let go of their own guilt and shame. This isn’t about forgetting but rather an opportunity to create a new and healthier perspective on their past.  Eventually the client stops being stuck.

Once the process of letting go and letting God begins, NLP and hypnosis also helps a person start creating a new future, a future that they truly want, that they have been unable to achieve. One technique that works well is called Future Self. In Future Self a person creates through imagery what they want their life to be like, say in one year.  By helping them to create a picture of what they want and then by helping them to step into their new future in trance, they find they are able to create a positive future. For addicts, this future will also be devoid of drugs and alcohol.  The beauty of using NLP and hypnosis is that the counselor does not have to know or deal with the content of a client’s problems to help them change. Such techniques reduce the resistance and defensive nature of many clients.

Thanks so much Harry Henshaw for talking with us.  You can listen to some of his relaxing music online, at Enhanced Healing.

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Enhanced Healing’s Products will soon be offered at the Holistic Healing Center

Enhanced Healing would like to announce that Dr Harry Henshaw’s mediative music and positive affirmation programs will soon be offered on the Holistic Healing Center site.  The Holistic Healing Center is part of an alternative program that provides a variety of treatment modalities for helping people transform their lives.  The meditative music and positive affirmation programs of Dr. Henshaw will be a great addition to the Holistic Healing Center’s products and services.

Holistic Healing Center

Itunes Store and the Meditative Music of Dr. Harry Henshaw

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The Four Stages of the Process of Recovery.

It appears that there are four stages of the process of recovery that one should be aware of.  Sometimes awareness can be of great benefit to those who are taking their recovery seriously.  Knowing the four stages will assist an individual in being able to access where they are in the process and if needed taking appropriate action to avoid relapse.

Stage One:  Working the program of recovery.  When individuals come out of treatment they tend to feel good, believing that they have truly started a process of recovery and transformation.

Stage Two:  The Dip.  The Dip is when the individual begins to experience the negative emotional side of life, and all of the negative emotions associated with it.  The person will feel sad, depressed, anxious, frustration, etc.

Stage Three:  The Breakdown.  It is here that the individual starts to move toward relapse.  It is here that the individual is starting to lose the knowledge and wisdom once gained.  Relapse has not yet happened.

Stage Four:  Relapse.

The key to this type of paradigm is to know when one is going into The Dip and the steps to take to avoid slipping into Breakdown.  Once in a Breakdown it is difficult to pull oneself out of it and avoid relapse.  Usually the individual did not follow suggestions when they entered The Dip.  The Dip is part of life, part of being a human being.  We all experience it, and especially an individual in recovery.  The key is being able to manage The Dip appropriately, of reaching out to another human being for counsel.  If The Dip is not managed appropriately and effectively the individual will enter a Breakdown and most likely relapse.  The goal is to manage The Dip and return to stage one, practicing the program of recovery.

Itunes Store and the Relaxation Music of Harry Henshaw and Enhanced Healing